There is more to level 2 than you think


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Roger came out on one of the threads and said " If you have level 2 are you joining the majority of traders and therefore expect market makers to hood wink you."

This is the next realisation amongst people who play level 2.There is more to it than reading a book or learning from a general course.They then think they cant compete with the bigger players.

For me when it dawned on me that i had to play a different game.I found out who was one of the best players on the West Coast and i went to see him privately and he showed me moves that blew my mind away.I then had the great oppertunity of trading along side one of the largest and best players in New York,who stunned me with his reading of the screen.

This education taught me how to realy trade level 2,however its not something you can go around talking about in public.That is why i started running courses.To try and show people all the tricks, the fakes,the moves.How to realy make the screen work.

So yes you will hear people say it cant work.However they are people who didnt take their learning to a higher plane.

When you have got the edge you trade it sublimely looking at the screen and feeling the stock, the players, the newbies and position yourself at will, taking advantage of people who dont know what they're doing and join in with the Market maker games.This gives you a great edge in taking your trades keeping your risk to the minimum,maximising your profit potential and managing your position.
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I fully agree

Great post Naz. I fully agree with you. To most people Level2 is the playground of the market makers and they get frightened of it, and simply start playing the charts. The problem with charts is that they are HISTORY... level2 is NOW, so anyone who can understand the market makers, their tricks and how they shake out / con people playing level2 will be a winner.

The KEY to level2 is to understand the mentality and hidden techniques of the marketmaker, not to go blindly with what seems obvious on level2 (and also not to be a contrarian and do the opposite of what is on level2).

So I totally agree with your points... as is with your experience, the best traders I know (all in the USA) are Level2 experts, NOT chart experts.