"The Way to Trade", by John Piper


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BBB said:

I'm sure most books point out that quoting or reproducing parts of the book is fine. Especially if you acknowledge the author and publisher. Besides, it may help them sell more copies if you also provide a link to where individuals can purchase the book.

Well, I'd be delighted to do that, but it's a pdf file and unless someone can recommend a way of pulling just that section of the file out, I'm not sure how I could do it.

I'm quite willing to send the entire e-book to someone if they can perform the necessary extraction, post up on this BB with the acknowledgements and of course, promise not to read the rest of the book. :devilish:


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Adobe Reader has a cut n paste facility. Cut the section out and paste it into Word. Simple!


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Open a new word file
open the pdf file
put then side by side on screen

select "select text" in the pdf
highlight pieces you want to transfer and then past into the word file
tidy up as necessary
deal with any pics by using the pdf snapshot tool i.e.
move the cursor around what you want to transfer to word
clik and it will be transferred to clipboard
paste into word as a picture
go into word and resize as necessary
I want to see it too


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The Troubled Trader

This article was written by Tony Plummer for an IFTA Journal a few years ago. Kogan Page are his publishers.

I've lifted it from "The Way to Trade" by John Piper. If you want to check out Mr. Piper's e-book you can at http://www.the-way-to-trade.com


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check J Piper thread


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I have a hardback copy, but FWIW I didn't think much of it at the time. Maybe I'll have a re-read.....



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John Piper's "The Way to Trade"

Seen references to this book on a number of threads on the main message boards - many positive - so surprised there are no reviews.
Can anyone recommend or otherwise this publication?


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just go ahead and buy it.

no self repecting enthusiast has less than 1 metre of books on his shelf



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seadog said:
i purchased the book, read through it twice, but it didn't suit me. true to the guarantee, my money was refunded by paul handforth as soon as i contacted him.

Hi Seadog

Did you purchase the hard copy. As i've ordered it today But reading this tread not to sure now.

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