"The Way to Trade", by John Piper

the fact that the author actually traded gives its more credence than most. I have it and do re-read it . That probably counts as a recommendation.
it depends how serious you are about your trading as his trading style may not be yours.

I'd be surprised if you can get a copy as I thought it was sold out.

Highly recommended.
As far as I know the hard copy is out of print but there is a firm promoting an ebook version.

edit: thats it mully.
who the hell is paul handforth ?

that smells like a scam to me.
or trouble at mill ?
The ebook is US$ 59.

Is it worth the money or is it just another one of those run of the mill trading books ?
can't see advfn going for something like that
it may have been a bot/scam posting ?

book has been in print since 1999
I think it is genuine, when I was looking for the book I was directed to that site from amazon or some other book seller, I didnt fancy printing off A4 sheets so I persevered and got the hard copy through the guy above.
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If you can work with a very abridged version of the book...does this synopsis help?


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Used to enjoy his weekly column on one of the free financial web sites. (Forget name - doesn't matter). Anyway at that time ( 5years ago ?) he was all about Elliot and the meaning of Life. Fascinating that in the latest e-version he has seen the light, binned all that and moved. (in same direction as Dr Lecter I think). Healthy. Sign of a Great Man.
Good read.

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