The T2W Chatrooms that are no longer Chatting ;)


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Hello peeps,

I just wanted to start a thread on the t2w chat-rooms. What were, at one point, amongst the best chat-rooms on the net have recently "diminished" so much in quality it's become quite sad.

There used to be time when a lot of good, professional and accomplished traders used to attend and in keeping with the t2w ethos, were more than helpful and supportive of the newbies. One that immediately comes to mind is dayraider. But there were many others as well. Now, all of a sudden, all these have left, mostly without any explanation. I have no problem at all with the current bunch of guys (if anyone even logs on on some occasions) that do come to the chat-room, they're all welcome and its nice "meeting" them, however if these same ppl were around in the "good old days", then I am sure they would agree with me and would want to know "what went wrong"?

Why have they left? Is it because of differing personalities? is it a distraction to trading? is it because you don't know how to get mIRC up and running? a great-aunt died and forbade you to go to "that chat-room" if you ever wanted to see your part of the inheritance? what is the reason?....I'd like to invite other t2w'ers to post their views on "what 'appened?"....

Their are many (myself included) who feel the t2w web-site is one of the best out there, and whilst some time ago, the chat-rooms were as well, they certainly aren't at the moment. Why not make it good again?

I know in the past there have been personality clashes between peeps (lets keep this clean - without going into any gory details, and naming any names), but surely as adults venturing into the adrenalin pumping world of trading, we should all be mature enough to "sort it out". Amicably. Personally, I think it's quite immature to be on "not-speaking" terms if you're an adult. Maybe this is the type of thing bothering some ppl? If so, isn't it wisest to "sort it out" and "just move on"?

I also know one of the gripes some people have is there are certain traders who only want to appear as if they are doing well by posting their winning trades, and being surreptitious about the losing trades. If that is the case then that is a valid complaint and all participants should make sure they are not part of such a group of people. It should be an unwritten rule of the chat-room that if you post a trade, and trade, then you post both entry AND exit. And whether you lose or you win, make sure you're HUMBLE about it. Maybe that adds to the "family" atmosphere of the chat-room.... Any comments are of-course welcome. And it goes without saying, we never talk about how much money made or loss, just talk about points. "What do point make?" PRIZES!!!!! ;) <thunderous clapping> :)

Another thing I've noticed is certain people log on and don't say anything. You can try conversing with them till the cows come home ( ;) ) but their best replies will be monosyllabic.... Maybe they should also contribute? On the flip side there are others who just wont shut up, and this counts as a 0 point (pint ;) towards them, and they should understand and step aside a bit as well....But these are just teething problems that can always be rectified...

So come on peeps, lets chat about how to bring up the standard of the chat-room to the level it used to be at, and hear/read others suggestions on what can be done....
Hi Dsmodi

I would like to think that I was one of the lucky ones who were in the chat rooms when they were really good - and believe me it was good.

I left mainly because it was a distraction from my work, and my trading needs my full attention. If I was learning to trade then the T2W chat room really is the place to watch the action unfold in front of you and see how people are trading it in a real-time environment. :)

With regards to people who enter the chat room and don't speak - well I would say let them. It would be great if these people said something, even if it's "hi all I'm new here and I would just like to watch" - surely no-one can have objections to that.

I do feel hypocritical, telling others to go into the chat-room when I don't myself, but I really feel it is a great place to learn.

For those people who contribute to the chat rooms - I would say keep up the good work, because it really helps people. :)
Hi P :),

Well like FTSE I don't go in any longer because I currently need all my attention as focused as possible on the Eurostoxx50 and the timescale I am trading it in. That's not to say that I don't care what happens to FTSE stocks or the Dow or the ES but I can't cope with the competing things when the STOXX and MY money are at stake. Maybe at some time in the future when I am settled into what I am doing I could come back. I hope so because like FTSE I miss the fun we had. But I can't afford the distraction at the moment.

thanks for your replies....

unfortunately now I wont be able to add more to this discussion as am away for a (I think) well-deserved break to india for a few weeks... but please do keep the discussion on these boards going...

I take on board what u guys are saying, which is fair enough... but are there any other obstacles, and are there ways of removing those obstacles....

Maybe peeps from other chatrooms can be encouraged to join in here as well....
Hi dsmodi

I must admit I'm guilty on several counts; failing to appear for a while due to having new PC and no MIRC (plus all the Christmas stuff getting in the way:)), appearing and not speaking (usually because I'm rivetted by what's happing on my chart) and the opposite fault, chattering too much!

I shall try to re-establish the habit of coming along to the US chatroom in the evening. It's true, it did used to be fun as well as a source of useful information, advice and support - and some great trading companions:)

Enjoy your trip to India!

Dsmodi - are you going anywhere near "Goa" you must visit it, Sun, Sea, Sand, Coconut palms, miles and miles of golden sandy beaches and wonderful people...How do I know this?... my roots originate in Goa!

Have a nice time in India
I hear what people say about the room being a trading distraction and I can relate to that. One notable ( DayRaider) semed to be able to take command of innumerable tasks at the same time and still cream everything he touched adn hold several conversations...... However, If people come in and announce they are actively trading, I don't think they will get pestered to talk. Others are welcome to come in and socialise..... One of the other problems is that a great many of us trade either US indecies or stocks and that doesn't cut to much water in the UK chat room. others felt pressured into posting all of their trades and I know from personal experience that is difficult for scalpers. OK if you're a longer term trader...... and there's no pressure to watch every tick go by. I chat and comment as time allows during the day , but recently I've been "overworked" and so haven't been able to contribute so much. Maybe in time, it'll get back to how it was a while ago. Maybe when we get another boom and everyone is on fire :)
OK - I'm about to leave in a couple of hours or so ... ya just can't keep me away from here :)

Many thanks for your good wishes weezy & stockoperator...

It is just this sort of ethos and "family" atmosphere already made apparent from the "tone" of ALL the comments and points above that was so commonplace in the chat-rooms in "them there good old days" which need to be resurrected.... And I think it's still possible... At least this thread has started off in the right way...

cya all peeps - no doubt I'll think of you...(tho' some may argue that is sad - lol) ;)
I was an occasional user of the US chat room - and found everyone very helpful to get started and a wecome break from staring at each tick. Work has meant Iv'e been away a few nights each week since last summer & so I've only looked in on the odd occasion. It is a great shame if some traders feel they cannot pop in & 'chat' from time to time. Also when the moderators (or whatever they are called) stop 'chatting', then its no wonder things slow up.

Unfortunatley, I think chat rooms (rather like a BB) can easily gather & looses momentum. Seems like the t2w message board has gained recently & the chat room lost.

[do miss those nude Fridays tho']