Main chatroom? Dead or Alive?

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  • Alive but trapped on the floor by a heavy object

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  • Several serious wounds, outlook grim

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  • Dead and better off for it

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Given the amount of chat that's going on in the Forex room, I'm left wondering why people werent using the main room for other chat?

Last summer, we had 15-20 people on a regular basis in there talking Dow/S&P SBs and futs, and it was always useful. OK, there was some banter that some people obviously didnt like but you're always going to get that in a chatroom.

So, are we going to get people back into the main chatroom to talk indexes or is, deader than a very dead thing?

Your opinions please



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Well said that man!
We need to get it fired up again, create a dynamic trading chat environment for all and sundry. No-one should feel shy either! All too often people pop in and remain silent, even a 'Hello" would suffice! But what we really need is for everyone to say what they're seeing - that way we ALL learn.
This might be naiive, but if people are really worried about they're system/method then they really are kidding themselves. I suspect we are all just plankton in the ocean of this thing we call the market, so let's just get on with it!


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Even I miss the good old busy days asking Chartman lots of Questions.... ... :



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Problem was, ppl were expected to post their trades... then some ppl decided to follow.... then when the trades didnt get posted, esp a closing position, those that were folowing got left in the poo poo and complained that ppl were not posting their trades!
SO .... so long as ppl dont EXPECT others to post trades, it will be fine. If someone wants to post their entry/exit, no problem.
It was never ever meant to be a " follow me chaps" chatroom.....


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I have to agree with CM...Its good people calling their entry's exits as long people don't follow, people need to make their own decisions based on their own knowledge... I rarely posted my entry exit points, as it would lead to a lengthy Geometry explanation or esoteric debates :cheesy: ... I found the best info came from the TA side rather than the entry/exit followers...



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I suspect that a "follow my trades" chatroom hosted by one of the 'aces' that inhabit these threads could prove immensely popular.......!?

I'd be lurking in there constantly, but wouldn't contribute..... :confused:

apart from the occasional "what?" or "wow!"...... ;)
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The danger with following someone elses trades is you have no idea of the trade plan.

What is the risk/reward judgement? What is the stake? Is it a tiddler just to test the waters or is it a full blown stake? Where is the stop? What other factors would cause the closure of the trade? What are the time scales of the trade? Is it a day trade?

Etc, etc etc....

Too many variables to cover before i would even consider blindly following anyone else.


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FX Chat Update..........................

the rooms in it's infancy, but as Rosso mentioned, plenty of chat/good banter & a great deal of positive, helpful contributions from the vast majority of attendee's.....

those who wish to post do so, and we all (as much as possible) share our thoughts/opinions as to the reasonings behind the trades....which I guess is the most important & helpful aspect of a trading room....most folk have gotten some good info & idea's from there already, and hopefully it will continue to grow & prosper!

t'was a grand master stroke by JPWone in getting the ball rolling, nowt like a collective participation to encourage & assist folk regardless of experience!!..... :D ;)


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Yep, I agree with lots of these statements.

I'm not suggesting that anyone should blindly follow someone else. How are you to know if its blind following blind or not? Hence, I'd not recommend that strategy unless you are of a particularly trusting/foolish nature.

However, it is useful to have others to bounce ideas off from time to time, as used to be done in the main room and as happens in the FX room, or to hear some real "gems" as occasionally happens.

Perhaps it just needs to be established that its not a "follow me chaps" room, and that whilst posting of trades is neither encouraged nor discouraged, it does give people the opportunity to ask questions as to "why long/short here" etc.

Now, as my good friend Quercus has pointed out, if people decide to come back to the main chatroom, please dont just sit there and expect to be spoken to! The onus is on you, the enterer (is that a word at all?) to say "hi" and get chatting. Like all chatrooms, there are moments - minutes even - when nothing is said, because people either have their eyes glued to the screen or are making cuppas, etc. So if you are a newbie, ask a question and see if it gets answered!

All are welcome in there - experience doesnt matter, we've all been a newbie at some time or another, we've all asked stupid questions : you're welcome if you're a veteran trader with years of floor trading behind you, or a complete novice.

For the next few days, I shall try and be in both chatrooms myself as much as I can to try and get things started again on the indexes side if people are interested in doing so.

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