Thanks to Akai Holding I am going to win the competition - You wait and See

Responsible Lad

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Akai Holdings are currently in the middle of breaking out just like HAW did. AKI are a cash shell company that is an RTO opertunity. I am delighted to move to 3rd postition in just a day. If I had used my brain more I would of bought into Hawthorn Holdings on Monday to. Seems a gutter, but I still likely to win the competition.
You're likely to win the competition ??? NEVER !!!

On a serious note, CWV are a STRONG BUY due to a chart breakout - 16p is imminent and my buy yesterday at 6p if looking VERY HEALTHY !

Responsible Lad - I STRONGLY ADVISER YOU to byt CWV yourself now !!!!
Hi Sharky, can you tell me please when the Dow comp page will be ready for this weeks (Mon 10th to Fri 14th ) entry as I wish to place my entry.
Regards Twiglet
Well done to LOGICA2ME on a very convincing win on the share competition.

Twiggytwo, you can now add your entry for the dow competition and in about 5 mins also for the share competition. Apologies for the delay in opening entries this time round.