Tenfore Data feed



Does anyone on here use Tenfore as there data feed to trade the CAC40 future.

I have been told it is very slow.

Is this true?

Thanks for any info

I'm on Tenfore Satellite. I don't trade the CAC but it's OK for FTSE future, DOW etc.
Have a free trial and see.


I use Tenfore for DAX and SMI Futures. Sometimes it's a bit slow (there's a timed response bar on the software) but I'm not sure if that's a problem with my ADSL connection. I shouldn't think it matters whether it's DAX or CAC.

I'm reasonably happy with the software but it's the only one I've used. Mind you, there are some annoying quirks in the charting package - like if you draw a trendline in say a 5 minute timefram than swithch to 10m it disappears. I say 'quirk' because sometimes it's OK.

The staff seem quite friendly - said I could pay them a visit and they'd 'sort me out' ??.

I know what you mean about quirks. I wasn't using the charts as my primary package and didn't bother to look into how it works. As time goes by I find things in there I didn't know existed! As for the trendline I just drew one and it stayed right through the time frames. However there have been occasions when it's disappeared.
I would give the boys a ring or email them, they're pretty good at sorting things out.

Good luck
Actually i'm Using Internet quotespeed and is very fast , i'm at latinamerica but the quality of the signal is excellent
Hi 2All,

Maybe someone knows about the current availability of Tenfore data feed on Eutelsat 9 East satellite?
As I know it was available till Dec 01, 2014(transponder #63 - 11977-Н-27500, 3/4, PID 1076)..