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I placed a sell stop on the Dax Dec futures at 3360 at 11.44am this morning.

The 1 min bar at 11.48 shows a low of 3360.5 yet my stop was executed via IB.

Does this mean that not all trades are displayed.?

Does it depend on the data supplier?

I'm using Tenfore for realtime data feed.
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... can you get your data from ib into your charting package and you should have the same prices dsiplayed as you are trading

I'm running IB into Sierra and have had fills which didn't appear to trade. I think IB misses some input into Sierra but I'm surprised Tenfore didn't show the trade. I don't run DAX. I think you can get Time&Sales on Tenfore. I'll have a look.
Time and Sales is under "Screens"

No I dont think that is possible with the Tenfore package

I was assuming that everybody's feed and charts would be the same as long as the feed is from the Eurex exchange.
I've seen this many times. A quick blip trade is often missed by the charts.
My chart shows a low of 3360.5 and my sell stop was at 3360 I'd
bought at 3364.

Thanks mmiller.

Maybe this highlights why people say you shouldnt use stops.
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I'm surprised by this. Stops are only supposed to trigger once the market has already traded at that price - and some companies require a few trades at a price before the stop is released into the market. Therefore, by definition, it can't be a 'blip'.

You should speak to IB.

Stops on IB can be triggered in a number of ways and not just on last traded price although this is generally applied to stocks.

I used to feed Ftse Futures from Tenfore Satellite into Indexia and Updata, whilst trading live on Pats J-Trader. Tenfore also has its own charts. Regularly Updata would miss .5 point and occasionally up 1.5 points. The other 2 printed the correct trades. This was more easily detectable at highs and lows. Updata didn't like my complaints and never corrected their programme.
I would think that an electronic trading platform is more reliable than any chart package.
blash - have you looked at your settings on IB's TWS to see what makes your stops trigger? There are different criteria - it could be that yours is set to trigger on a bid/ask price, not a traded price. Just a thought. :D
Still, the point is that he traded at 60 and it hasn't shown on the chart.
Based on what has been said and as an exercise I would run the IB feed into something like Quotetracker and see if the charts show those types of trade. You can also observe Time and Sales on QT so it should show up.

on friday at 17:23 eu time my bid at 3409.5 was filled despite the chart showing a low of 10.

recently I sold my longs into a spike and got filled 2 points [4 ticks] above the printed high. Obviously not every trade/tick is being reported.

BTW I am using Tenfore
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Exactly what I'm saying. The trading platform is accurate, the charts are not. You can only shove so much info thru these things in one go.
IB website defines the stop order as:
A Stop order becomes a market order to buy or sell securities or commodities once the specified stop price is attained or penetrated.

I can't find any other reference to what triggers a stop in TWS.

Blash, I do hope you will investigate with IB. For one, I would be curious to enhance understanding.
Good luck
oatman said:
Exactly what I'm saying. The trading platform is accurate, the charts are not. You can only shove so much info thru these things in one go.

another important issue is that stops are sent to the exchange and held on eurex's system for execution in the event that the stop price is hit. Your broker has nothing to do with the execution of a stop order.
IB's data feed:

Eurex distributes two data feeds: the member data feed and the data vendor data feed.

IB distributes the member data feed to its customers, but not tick per tick, only as 0.7 second snapshot.

The data vendors distribute the other data feed to their customers. It is a 2-second consolidated data feed.

So there will be a lot of trades at prices which will not be shown in IB's TWS (nor in any chart program depending on this data feed). I have seen 11 tick drops in the FGBL which did not show up in the TWS.

Neither will all trades esp. at temporary high/lows be shown in the data vendor data feed. It is a common complaint among traders that their stops have been triggered at prices which they did not see in their charts (nor in the TWS).

It is a fact you have to be aware of. It will happen primarily in fast moves and more often in volatile instruments like the FDAX.

As to the stop orders:

You either use a native Eurex stop order (shown green in the TWS), which is turned into a market order, when the market trades at your trigger price or you use a stop limit order, which is simulated by IB (shown dark blue in the TWS). This order will be sent to the Eurex as limit order, when the market triggers it (default method is last trade).

Both methods have advantages and disadvantages: Today, during the outage of Eurex trading at IB the native stop order had a clear advantage.


Bernd Kuerbs
Great, thanks for that Bernd.

Where do you find this kind of information?

So it would appear then that all our charts are not 100% accurate?

Christ!!! no wonder I never made any money when spread betting. If the charts arnt 100% and the bias from SB companies what chance have you got.

I think I'll use mental stops from now on.

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