T2W on ipaq or PDA


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Is there any moves to make T2W compatible with ipaq or handhelds....like bloomberg and Avant GO sites which are configured for pda screens...???

For us T2W junkies if we can'y get daily continuous fix while abroad or away on roads etc it creates serious withdrawal syptoms...!!!


When there are barrels and barels of lager and wine to be finished..I am not in that hurrry..but If i do move into one I think I will convert them and...will they have connection to T2W..????...

On a serious note though...there are some very good sites that are accessible via pda...ADVFN is providing site configured for new orange smart phone etc.....even Bloomberg is doing the same...so it is not just to access T2W.....

Eventually the sites accessed via phone and pda will merge into one...so it is prudent that T2W configures the site now...

Only a thought really...
Hi Zambuck,

Thanks, that's an interesting suggestion.

I've had a quick look into it and there doesn't seem to be a particularly easy solution to making the forums compatible - that's not to say it can't be done, it's really a case of tweaking all the templates we use to fit a much smaller screen.

I think I'd need to get a PDA myself and then I can see for myself what sort of state the site shows up as. In fact there are probably already emulators out there that you can use to view sites in PDA format. I'd better start looking!