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First Steps​

The Basics of Trading - One of the classic threads from the early days of T2W. Sadly, like archive footage from the vaults of the BBC, some charts have been lost. Even so, it's well worth a read

I want to learn........ - This thread provides a collection of links to some great threads that are especially useful for new traders starting out on their trading journey

Everything you always wanted to know about trading...but were afraid to ask! - Former proprietary trader and long standing member 'trader_dante' answers some of the questions regularly asked by new members. The thread is riddled with useful hints, tips and insights into what it takes to become a successful trader.

£10k wipeout - But for the grace of God . . . A chilling tale of what can happen to traders - and probably will happen - if they don't trade with discipline and utilise proper risk and money management strategies

The Best the internet has to offer - A veritable smorgasbord of links to sites all over the web, offering a huge variety of tools - many for free - that are of use to traders

Algorithmic Trading Experiences - A novice trader uses his computer skills to code algorithms based purely on technical analysis. Voted runner up in the 'Favourite Forum Thread' in the T2W Members' Choice Awards 2009, this thread is a must read for anyone interested in mechanical trading systems (as opposed to discretionary strategies).

Why You Are Failing - and What You Need to Do - If you're struggling to make progress, this thread might help!

Lessons from successful traders - Voted runner-up in the 'Favourite Forum Thread' category in the Members' Choice Awards 2011, this thread by Trader_Dante dispels a few myths and offers some insights into what successful traders do (and don't do) in order to become consistently profitable.


Vwap Engine - Automated system using vwap to generate signals.

Firewalker's Journey: A path of discovery in search for enlightenment - A personal trading journey shared for all to see.

:|Entry=Risk Exit=Reward|: - Journal combining swing trading and scalping.

My Journal at a Prop house - Sharing trades and insights from a prop house desk.

GBP/USD 5min setups - Voted runner up 'Favourite Journal' in the T2W Members' Choice Awards for 2010. This journal does what it says in the title!

General Trading​

Quick reference for real trading profit. Tips that work - It's self evident from the title what this thread is all about - no explanation required!

55000% in one month!! - Interested in high frequency scalping from a tick chart? This is worth a read.

Position sizing & compounding: the keys to the magic kingdom - What the title says really!! If you haven't read this thread you're missing out!!

Why do you think you can make money trading - So why do you think you can make money from trading when it is essentially a zero sum game? An interesting discussion....

Stocks & ETFs​

How To Make Money Trading The Markets. - In this thread, professional U.S. equities day trader 'Mr. Charts' outlines his simple methodolology for taking bites out of cleanly trending stocks. Voted 'Favourite Forum Thread' in the T2W Members' Choice Awards 2009.

US day traders thread - Veteran U.S. equities day trader, coach and market commentator Alan Rich discusses how he looks for stocks that are poised for really big moves. Voted 'Favourite Forum Thread' in the T2W Members' Choice Awards 2005.

Index futures correlation to underlying stocks - A short thread that offers good insight into the correlation between index futures and their underlying cash indices.


Trading Naked - This isn't what you think! 'Trading naked' is a term used by traders to describe an approach that doesn't rely on indicators. In this thread, we follow the progress of a new trader as he tries to get to grips with price action at the hard right edge.

Correlation Trading - Basic Ideas and Strategies - Correlation is something that every trader should be aware of, this is a good introduction and ongoing analysis of this relationship in forex.

GBP/USD Breakout - A good thread to follow, if you only want to trade in the early hours of the morning, for a set amount of pips. Works most mornings and a great bunch of people to help you understand this simple but effective method.

Phil Newton's Range Break Out strategy - A trading strategy from one of the most magnanimous contributors to T2W.
A simple and effective way of developing your trading skills.

The 3 Duck's Trading System - A simple, logical and highly effective method to help traders follow the trend and identify entry points within the trend.

FXCM/DailyFX Signals and Strategies - Good analysis of the past days trading and events to watch out for over the next few days

BBmac's GBP/USD Thread - An ongoing, in-depth technical analysis for the GBP/USD pair

Live Cable Trading - In this thread, members make live calls on 'Cable' - the term commonly used to describe the GBP/USD currency pair. Voted runner up in the 'Favourite Forum Thread' in the T2W Members' Choice Awards 2005.


Spreads Trading - This is a good all round introduction to trading spreads. Note: spread trading has nothing whatsoever to do with spread betting!

How do the commodity markets work? - A short thread with some useful links that answer the question posed in the title.

Silver! - Lively discussion about this commodity and the various approaches that members employ to trade it.

COFFEE - The next big bull? - An old thread containing good analysis of this market which focuses as much on fundamentals - mainly the weather - as it does on TA.

Money Markets​

Bund Bobl and Schatz Thread - Offers insights into the relative merits of these 3 instruments, as well as how to read the tape and deduce what 'paper' and 'locals' are doing. If none of that means much to you, read the thread to find out!

STIR's from Scratch - A trader new to STIRs (Short Term Interest Rate) finds his way, aided by a few profession traders.

Arabian's *serious* Thread - One of T2W's most colourful and contentious characters gets serious and offers insights into the world of a professional STIRs trader.

Euribor Flipper?? - The trading strategy employed by Paul Rotter (a.k.a. 'The Flipper') earned him both a fortune and death threats - once his identity was discovered. This thread discusses his strategy, its effect on the markets and those who trade them.


T2W Guide to Trading: Options - This is the original T2W guide to trading options. It's a bit old but, nonetheless, the principles are still valid and it contains lots of useful info.

The Options edge (Writing Vs Buying) - This discussion focuses on whether or not one side of the options fence - buyer or writer - has any inherent edge or advantage.

Follow the Smart Money / COT Analysis - A good 'How To' guide, explaining what the COT Report is, how to interpret it and thereby follow the 'smart money'.

Discretionary & Mechanical Trading​

The Order Book - Why Bother? - Discusses the merits of watching order flow and thus spot changes in market direction before it prints on your charts.

Live Trading and General Chat Lounge - Lord Flasheart's ever popular thread goes from strength to strength and is the place where members put their reputations on the line by making live calls at the time they take their trades.

Anatomy of a Trade - Started in Jan 2011 as part of T2W's 10th anniversary celebrations. It's a one day trading competition in which anyone could enter. The basic idea of the comp' - along with a link to the original thread - can be found in Sharky's opening post.

Quick reference for real trading profit. Tips that work - A thread choc-a-bloc with great suggestions from fellow members!

Potential setups - A long running thread that does what it says on the tin.

Support & Resistance Explained - Discussion about why support and resistance works when it works and why it doesn't when it fails.

Technical Analysis​

learning to read price action with p/f charts - A good starting point for anyone wanting an introduction to this charting method.

Market Breadth - A clear and comprehensive guide explaining how to gauge market sentiment by using breadth 'indicators'. (NB: these are not technical indicators like Bollinger Bands or RSI etc.)

All About Trendlines - Do trendlines provide support or resistance? Whatever your answer, reading this thread may change your mind.

Technical analysis... a load of ******** - A discussion about the merits - or otherwise - of TA.

Debunking Fibonacci's Code... - T2W members question an academic research paper which concludes that Fibonnaci type retracements occur no more frequently than would be expected to by chance.

Economic & Fundamental Analysis​

How do technical traders fit into the greater scheme of things? - A discussion about the relationship between fundamental analysis and technical analysis: do they complement one another, or does one drive the other?

Keynes Vs. Hayek - A discussion based on a Newsnight debate chaired by economics editor Paul Mason between followers of two of the great economic thinkers of the 20th century: John Maynard Keynes and Friedrich Hayek. Which of them is right?

Psychology, Risk & Money Management​

No Plan No Trade - Many traders think they have a trading plan when, in reality, they have little more than a wish list of good intentions. Read the opening post in this thread to help ensure that your trading plan is based on solid principles that work for you.

Position Sizing & Compounding: the Keys to the Magic Kingdom! - An excellent thread discussing the fixed fractional position sizing method to control risk.

The Core Ideas of Trading Psychology - You may know about the markets, but how well do you know yourself? This thread contains some good grounding in this vital topic with quotes and links to quality material from renowned experts. Among them is Brett Steenbarger who has written a number of excellent articles for T2W.

Afraid to make a trade after a Loss - Ever had a losing trade and then hesitated to pull the trigger at the next opportunity? This affects every trader at some stage of their trading journey and dealing with it isn't easy. This thread explores ways to overcome this common problem.

Trading Psychology - This is an excellent compilation of articles by bbmac - one of T2W's longest standing and most respected members.


Which Online Forex Broker Is Best? - Members answer this question with their personal views. Brokers and their respective pros and cons are constantly changing, so, be sure to note the time stamps of older posts as some content may be out of date.

FXCM Discussion - A representative of one of the largest forex brokers gets grilled by members about their trading platform and business practices.

Interactive Brokers - A long running discussion about one of the largest and best known direct market access (DMA) brokers out there.

Binary Methods - Members discuss how they approach bianary betting and some of the issues they encounter.

IG Index - Custom Betting - This thread shines a light on why binary betting isn't quite as easy and straightforward as it might appear - especially to novices!

Binaries vs CFDs, Warrants, Spreadbetting, Options, etc. - In this thread, the pros and cons of binaries are compared to financial derivatives and spread betting.

Spreadbetting & CFDs​

CMC Markets owner answers your questions - Members direct questions to the top man at CMC.

Capital Spreads - Members direct questions to the top man at Capital Spreads.

Spreadbetting, the myths and what is the reality? - Members discuss their experiences and some of the pros and cons of trading via a spread bet broker.

Other Side of the Screen - Ever wondered how your broker views you? This thread will give you a pretty good idea.
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