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What are ‘Best Threads’ Stickies?
The idea behind ‘Best Threads’ Stickies is to have a thread pinned permanently at the top of every forum with links to threads within that forum that are of real merit with quality content. Listed here is the cream of the crop, the best threads in the Psychology, Risk & Money Management forum!

How will they help me?
T2W is a big place and good threads can quickly get lost under a sea of newer ones. The links to the ‘Best Threads’ will save you the hassle of wading through the forum yourself, hoping to find the one that’s filled with pearls of wisdom!

What do I need to know about the list?
Each ‘Best Thread' is accompanied by a short précis outlining what it’s about. Threads don’t appear in any particular order, so the thread at the top of the list isn’t necessarily any better or more interesting than the one at the bottom of the list.

I’ve found a great thread which warrants ‘Best Thread’ status. Can it be added?
Sure! If you know of a great thread within this forum that isn’t listed here, either post your suggestion here or contact timsk Content Manager, with a link to the thread, saying what it’s about and what’s good about it and, all being well, it will be added.

The ‘Best Threads’ in the Psychology, Risk & Money Management forum are:
No Plan No Trade by bredin
Many traders think they have a trading plan when, in reality, they have little more than a wish list of good intentions. Read the opening post in this thread to help ensure that your trading plan is based on solid principles that work for you.

Position Sizing & Compounding: the Keys to the Magic Kingdom! by BSD
An excellent thread discussing the fixed fractional position sizing method to control risk.

The Core Ideas of Trading Psychology by firewalker99
You may know about the markets, but how well do you know yourself? This thread contains some good grounding in this vital topic with quotes and links to quality material from renowned experts. Among them is Brett Steenbarger who has written a number of excellent articles for T2W.

Afraid to make a trade after a Loss by new_trader
Ever had a losing trade and then hesitated to pull the trigger at the next opportunity? This affects every trader at some stage of their trading journey and dealing with it isn't easy. This thread explores ways to overcome this common problem.

Trading Psychology by bbmac
This is an excellent compilation of articles by bbmac - one of T2W's longest standing and most respected members.
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great thread ..... excellent but i am still afraid that i might loose some money ??? do i have to care about it or its just periodical ???


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This article should be in psychology section and maybe in best psychology threads.
Hi fl,
Both articles are published in the Psychology section. Quite deliberately, no articles appear within threads to ensure that the Articles section remains separate and distinct from the discussion forums. That said, all articles have their own bespoke thread with a direct link in the opening post. Additionally, anyone can post links to articles they think are of interest - just as you have done here.

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I completely agree with you that patience is the key to success and any professional trader characteristic. But how one can define the line between patience and stubbornness?)


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Well, you know, stubborness is also an essential characteristics for working in forex. I'd say persistence is a more suitable word than stubborness, as sometimes people want to give up everything. And it's then when persistence does help.
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