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There are forum threads on other forums designed to mislead new traders ,and keep sponsors and vendors happy.After all the sponsors pay for these sites.These sponsors benefit from over trading day traders ,if day traders over trade , it does does not matter if most lose , as long as sponsors get more income from spreads.

In this thread on E T , A poster starts a debunking /rebuttal thread on day trading (a clear search on his threads/ posts will unveil this evidence) , this poster has 1500 posts and 1000 likes (another sign of debunking or rebuttal teams ) ,any professional trader would crap on this poster with disdain.

This subject of day traders losing , day trading is difficult , day trading is the worst type of trading etc etc has been discussed at least a hundred times on the same forum , yet the poster is trying to debunk and see if there are rebuttal teams /accomplices willing to provide misinformation discussions.

A few threads on Day trading negativity have been closed , just search on that forum.This poster does not want new traders to learn the truth.

Here is proof:
Human brain is wired to lose in the markets

Some forums are full of the 95% losers who go to forex factory ( a factory that produces traders? yet they discuss 98% lose), some are infested with teams of losers who attack anyone who posts the truth for professional discussions , as in above thread .

The forum rebuttal teams (on other forums) or debunking teams , have a sole objective of presenting a misleading information on subjects like
a)95 % lose (the teams will look for lower numbers and post)
b)day trading difficulties
c)How professionals trade
d)Trading psychology :human brain is wired to lose in the markets

If any one wants to learn fully about the above 4 subjects in detail , google search is your best friend , not the forums.

Here all the fakes(I have seen , discussed and exposed them before) attack a poster looking for a professional discussion.

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