T2W: Losing its edge?


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T2W seems to be not as active as in years gone by.
The number of members active, and guests seem to be on the wane.
Not so much a problem, but I don't know if anything is going on in the background to fix this.

Using the most basic Alexa ranking checks, T2W is ranked around 245K and losing, whilst FF is around 1K and rising.

There seems to be little engagement, so am trying to wonder where the pull is for new members?

It's a nice little backwater, with long-time friends, and some new additions (Darwin suite of threads), but T2W seems to have lost its mojo.

(Could be that I am spending more time in front of a screen, so am more aware, but FF is overflowing with chatter, ideas, strategies, squabbles, journals, etc.)

Is T2W becoming a backwater?

9 members, nearly 200 guests.
How can guests be motivated to create a user or to login? I hope they are not all robots.
I'm not into forex. so ive never had to visit the site....however, there's a few things that stand out to me from visiting it
strategies..here at T2W we get a shed load of people looking to get started. education is great, but nothing beats something to get started with. we are pretty bad at a few things. not one of us will actually tell anyone else what strategy we're using. there's a few that used to, but have now gone.
It could be that the established members have found what they're looking for, comes down to demographic

back that up with regular posting, i would imagine you have followers
that's down to all of us, or at least all of us regulars. we dont share enough. and it doesnt have to be the very strategy(ies) we use, but something to get started with. and then put it into context
combine that with some sort of gamification. which one of the strategies is performing the best

then, as has been mentioned by someone else, its the posting of open questions, something to spark a discussion or debate.
I head a consultancy practice in my chosen field of expertise, its up to the senior members to get this going. likewise its down to all of us. And i mean all.

there is another problem, which is also going to put people off...its the constant negativity of certain locked up members
who would want to post with comments such as..
brits are dumphucks...
new trader's holding gold, god help him etc
making derogatory comments on other established members, even admin

yes we can all choose to ignore, but really?! is ignoring someone like that the answer to me or anyone wanting to post anything new that is then open to derogatory comments. racist, homophobic, misogynistic. if you want people to contribute, you need a zero tolerance. bad language is fine..openly criticising Sharky, or the admin or any of the established members sets the wrong message
its not free speech, it goes way beyond that, its rotten and by letting it continue it says we accept that. so why would you expect a new conversation to begin

anyway, beyond the antics of one person, there needs to be something that we all can contribute to, and like i say, its within all of us. If we want this community to succeed its not just sharky. what can each of us contribute to, and its not just regular posting.
also it might be worth reaching out to old established members. and get their reasons for not wanting to come back

then there is the bots that just spam, or seem to spam.
then again the older threads, they are left to die. so we dont have to let that happen just because the original creator has gone.

it could be also, that the members, just like myself, have a day job. and that could just be the demographic again

so a long winded way of saying if we dont like it, then its surely within our gift to change it.
Same with most forums i used to attend. I think its just forums in general.

So many more platforms now for traders to exchange ideas across. Discord being the main one.
It also lost its SEO. I remember back in the day you could type any question about trading and T2W would come up first page in google. Now its dominated by the brokers
It also lost its SEO. I remember back in the day you could type any question about trading and T2W would come up first page in google. Now its dominated by the brokers
Approximately how long ago do you think that happened ?
Maybe T2W needs to find a specialist niche that will be of interest to a wider market.

Forexfactory highlights strategies in forex trading. It feels international.
Babypips is for education in forex trading. It is highly international.
Elite Trader is good for US stock trading. Its mostly for US traders, the largest single national group of traders in the free world.

These all show specialisation in areas which would be of interest to a wide population. T2W on the other hand aims to cover everything, it does not particularly emphasise its offering in any one subject area and is mostly UK-trader-focused.

T2W needs to change. What about a directed focus on tech stocks? Biomed? Energy? Banks and financial services? Emerging markets? China? International stocks?
T2Win is my goto Forum.....

been here lurking initially from 2004 then i think posting actively from about 2009

Met some great traders and worked with a few of them as well

to me its a comfortable read with some solid familiar people around .....and old boys club

most others are possible more active but very aggressive ....some real Arrogant arseh#les out there who believe they are justified in their derogatory BS .....FF is one of them like that ...so many arseh#les ...but i follow it anyway for Forex

once youve been around the block a few times you will find all Forums are just regurgitated Sh#t mostly ....nothing much original in truth

so find somewhere thats good to members like here !

Using the most basic Alexa ranking checks, T2W is ranked around 245K and losing, whilst FF is around 1K and rising.
I was using Similarweb but I can't use Alexa without registration.
IMO FF is not the right benchmark.
What are the rankings for Babypips and Elitetrader? Are they losing or rising?
I just opened an account on here around a week or two ago. Posts don't seem to be extremely active but I did think this forum was more engaging than some of the others that I recently signed up with. This is one of my favorites so I'm hoping that it keeps some popularity.