Where is Everyone?


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I used to be a regular reader of T2W a few years ago. (still am, by the way)
Have come back recently for some day-trading.

Have noticed a reduction in posting on T2W since a few years ago.
Is everyone all chilled out, and quietly plugging away?
Or just gone away?

There used to be a much higher amount of posting, trialing of systems, scammers, fights, bannings, etc.
I miss all that! :D

Seems all the activity has moved off-T2W. Still lots of fights, banter on gorex-gactory, where I seem to be these days.

Wheres all the background chatter?
Or is T2W a more genteel place these days?
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Nov 4, 2000
Good question @trendie! Things have definitely quietened down around here from the heady days of 2009-2011. I became a dad two years ago, and instantly my free time evaporated; whilst my working hours have been focussed on other entrepreneurial adventures. Unfortunately that's meant T2W has taken a back seat, and I've only jumped in to make sure the site's been up and running. But in the last couple of months I've managed to rearrange things to spend more time on T2W and get some extra help with the development site, so we're actually busy working on a ton of housekeeping behind the scenes. So you could say, quietly plugging away ;)


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Jun 21, 2004
west sussex, UK
hey gang .....

sharky good to hear that you guys are plugging away

sure t2win has been busier ....and i was one of the people who got banned at times due to frequent and healthy exchanges of views and opinions here on trading !!! hahahaha

and sure weve lost a few colourful characters along the way .....but the site is still a very friendly and welcoming place and bags of good content and information if you look

im a regular at FF as well ......but it will never feel like the friendly T2win community ....its a great place for newbies



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May 4, 2011
T2W is still a great site, I stopped posting so much when I had a sh1t load of posts removed because it was connected with a rather controversial figure, plus the mods over zealous use of the ban hammer.....give me a break !! oh you did ;)

The good humour & intelligent use of memes is what is badly needed again on this site.

Too many old blokes with issues imo.

But, you never know, the balance may be regained one day.

Thanks again Sharky, I still say T2W is the best out there despite my above comments.


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Dec 12, 2002
Good question @trendie! I became a dad two years ago, and instantly my free time evaporated; ;)
Congratulations! I suddenly collected three tinies very late in life a few years back and they are indeed even more time consuming than day trading... probably more rewarding though, the way I do it.:)