hello, everyone, glad to find you all


Was away for a while and after caming back i could not find you anywhere. Then i saw sefty's post on IR bb a few days ago and was led here. Wow, you are all here, the cityinformer gang!

Happy to find you again, as cityinformer was the only BB i absolutely love. I won't post much, not clever enough.

Best wishes for everyone.
we love you tubby, we do

Hello mate,
nice to see you again. Hope you do post cause i know you are a well regarded poster. The newbies who come here will need people like you and me who know a bit.

Catch up with you in the chat room soon.

Hi Tubby, and a big welcome back. Dont remember the name from the old CI board, so if you have changed it do please inform us.............but if not, then maybe this old brainbox is even more addled than I think it is.

Best wishes

hi, tubby

glad to see u agian, please come visit us on the chat room, got a chocalte bar ready for you :)


Welcome back, tubby...looking forward to read your posts here...

Riz (rizgar)
Thanks everyone for being so kind and warm.
Uncle John, i did not post on cityinformer bb, as i couldn't get registered properly for some reason. So i was sitting in the chatroom, quietly most of the time. By the way do you really look like an uncle?
Dayraider, thanks for remembering my choc bar. i'm keeping a bottle of brandy for you ;)

Again, lots of thanks everyone for the warm welcome.

Tubby.........Not sure what an uncle "looks like".....bit like beauty I suppose, its in the eye of the beholder!!!

Look forward to your future posts.