T2W Journals

What is your preferred approach for future T2W Journals?

  • Create a new forum for 'Member Journals', with each thread a journal.

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We're thinking about the best way to support member journals on the website, and there seems to be two approaches we can take, these are:

  1. Keep the existing journal pages separate from the forums, but add the facility to upload images and attach files.
  2. Create a new forum for Member Journals, and simply request members create a thread only for the purposes of maintaining a journal.
The first approach means that comments about journal entries are kept away from journal entries - like a typical blog. Using the forums has better exposure, but then journal entries and their comments are mixed together. If we stick with the first approach then we can add a new journal button to the posts of member's who have journals - which will improve visibility on the forums. But we're open to pursuing either approach.

Therefore to help us decide how to proceed please select your preferred option from the poll above.

Choice #1 would definitely be more helpful to those who are serious about the advantages of an on line journal, both for the authors and the readers. Also, not having to wade through mounds of chit chat to get to the meat of the work is a big plus.

Choice #2 would require an additional moderator(s) to help keep things on topic.
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Much depends on the objectives of journalists which I suspect will be different. There are those who might wish to use their journal, primarily, as a record of their trade and/or system development where they are not really seeking comments. They'd probably favour 1.

There are others who might wish to use their journal, primarily, to further their system development and/or trading tactics where they are positively seeking comments. They'd probably favour 2.

You might get a draw :LOL:

If so, maybe there's room for both - a bit like the comments on Knowlege Lab articles - with a facility for journalists to deny comments opening up on an associated thread if they wish. So you'd have a journal (with the new bells and whistles) and a comment thread unless the journalist chooses to confine comments to the journal itself.

good trading

Thanks for the feedback so far, I've added a third option to accommodate barjon's suggestion of having both.
Since I've added the third suggestion, if anyone who voted for option 1, would like to change it to option 3 - just say so on this thread. Thanks.