T2W Forex Contest - Week 6

I don't understand why when I want to close a position, I have to use 2 close buttons. The platform suffers from wuzziness and cost me pips. I see profit on the first close button. By the time I scroll down to the second close button, the profit had turned into a loss. This system is not suitable for real time trading, and should target the pensioner stock and shares buyers, who like it a bit slower.

Yeah the current UI is definitely clunky.. we're polishing it up at the moment, and the updated design should be released in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

yeah, really, its more for longer holds, almost impossible to scalp, you have to already be on the tab, and watching the numbers. Use FXCM platform, as they run about the closest numbers link-up.. have them over lapping, and finger ready to close, cuts the time down.

So GlenGary is right, the best way for scalpers to play at the moment is through MT4 using the ForexDesk integration EA. We've increased the polling speed, and the lag is now down to less than one second compared to the price you'd get with MT. In the next few weeks we're rolling out integration with FXCM's FX Trading Station. This will reduce the lag to zero, meaning the price you get on the platform is the price you'll get on FD.

its the hardestr part to over come with this contest.. I crush it on MT4, and be positive in profit, but then over at FXdesk, Im negative, usually a 10-15 pip lag somethimes,


So, GlenGary, you shouldn't be seeing that sort of lag at the moment. If you still do then please make a note of the execution time on MT4 and the time on ForexDesk and email them to [email protected]