T2W Forex Contest - Week 7

ouch! lol! do i detect a bit of scratching and biting eh?

i'd say well done for the valiant 2nd ross, but i wont cos you didn't win, or or did you? :p

i have asked the question of whether closed trades only would/should count last week. looking into the tea leaves i see another possible tinkering to the rules coming on :cheesy:

It's interesting, because when I saw that Dave had apparently dropped a major bolleau by forgetting to close, thus disqualifying himself, I just assumed that the spoils of victory were mine.
Don't want to sound bitter (gnash, gnarl, etc), but the rules say you have to make one trade to qualify. According to the Forexdesk site, jahdave didn't close his position, therefore the account shows zero trades.

opening a position is 1 trade. closing it would be another trade
Thank you all for coming to my defense. The rules said that I needed to make 1 trade per week and that is what I did. Also in my own defense, the USD has gone up more against the Franc so closing the position on Friday would not have mattered.