T2W Forex Contest - Weeks 15/16


How to enter (Note: this contest will run for 2 weeks)

Entry is free and takes just a couple of minutes. First, sign up on ForexDesk, using the invitation code "T2WCOMP" and your T2W username. Once you're activated your account, log in and create a new practice account using the default settings. You can call it whatever you like but you must add "#15/16" to the name, to enter the new 2 week contest. Then make at least one trade during the 2 weeks to qualify for the prize.

More detailed instructions here: http://www.trade2win.com/boards/t2w...ew-t2w-forex-contest-starts-sun-15th-may.html


- Contest started on Sunday 21st August at 6pm ET, 11pm BST.
- Contest finishes on Friday 2nd September at 6pm ET, 11pm BST
- Enter any time before the contest finishes.
- The winner will be judged by their P&L for the 2 weeks.
- Accounts must remain public (not private) for the duration of the contest.
- Mirroring of trades to retain first position lead is disallowed and may result in disqualification.
- To qualify for the prize contestants must open at least one position.
- Only entry per person


- Top Trader (Highest P&L)

The prize for this contest is a 12 month subscription to The Economist, delivered weekly to your door.


The new contest will run for 2 weeks so remember to add "#15/16" to the account name.

Good Trading all! :clover:
New contest, new week and the first update.
rogue8 is in top spot for now followed by Ross Spur, but very early days....Good luck all.

Week 15-16 - Day 2.jpg
Middle of week 1 and the latest update.
ketantendulkar has a narrow lead over Ross Spur, for now....

Week 15-16 - Day 3.jpg
Near to the end of the first week and we have ketantendulkar in 1st place followed by davidesassi and Gordon Gekko.
Another week to go so all can change .......... good luck all.

Week 15-16 - Day 5.jpg
First update for the 2nd week of the contest and we have ketantendulkar, Gordon Gekko and c6ackp in spots 1, 2 & 3 ....for now anyway!!
Let's see how the rest of the week pans out, good luck all :clover:

Week 15-16 - Day 7.jpg
Middle of week 2 and all change at the top.
c6ackp is in #1 spot followed by Gordon Gekko and Oppi1904 in 2nd and 3rd. A few more days until this contest ends, and I guess all will change again!

Week 15-16 - Day 8.jpg
OK we are now approaching the end of the contest and here is the latest update.
davidesassi is in the lead (opened up a gap), followed by Oppi1904 & c6ackp. Good luck all for the run-in :clover:

Week 15-16 - Day 9.jpg
As we approach the end of this week's contest, we now have davidesassi extending his lead at the top followed closely by Oppi1904 & c6ackp. However as we all know the top spot can change very quickly!

Week 15-16 - Day 10.jpg
Well done, davidesassi! You are one of the best traders I've ever seen!
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First off, apologies for the late announcement of the results. We got a little too caught up in the new website launch and the announcements somehow got overlooked :whistling

Still, better late than never I'm pleased to confirm what most of you already know, that davidesassi was our winner from last week. Congratulations Davide! You can see how he did it here: https://www.forexdesk.com/traders/davidesassi/accounts/525

Check out the following charts for how the contest played out...

Contests | Trade2Win.jpgContests | Trade2Win-1.jpg

(Coming soon... you'll be able to view these in real-time in our new contest section.)

Also we've just announced the new contest with an awesome iPad 2 for a prize, so check out how to enter here: http://www.trade2win.com/boards/t2w-competitions/134400-t2w-forex-contest-win-ipad-2-a.html (note: we've changed things a little bit this time round).