T2W Forex Contest - Weeks 11/12


How to enter (Note: this new contest will run for 2 weeks)

Entry is free and takes just a couple of minutes. First, sign up on ForexDesk, using the invitation code "T2WCOMP" and your T2W username. Once you're activated your account, log in and create a new practice account using the default settings. You can call it whatever you like but you must add "#11/12" to the name, to enter the new 2 week contest. Then make at least one trade during the 2 weeks to qualify for the prize.

More detailed instructions here: http://www.trade2win.com/boards/t2w...ew-t2w-forex-contest-starts-sun-15th-may.html


- Contest starts tonight Sunday 24th July at 6pm ET, 11pm BST.
- Contest finishes on Friday 5th August at 6pm ET, 11pm BST
- Enter any time before the contest finishes.
- The winner will be judged by their P&L for the 2 weeks.
- Accounts must remain public (not private) for the duration of the contest.
- Mirroring of trades to retain first position lead is disallowed and may result in disqualification.
- To qualify for the prize contestants must open at least one position.
- Only entry per person


- Top Trader (Highest P&L)

The prize for this contest is a Kindle 6" with 3G and official leather cover.


The new contest will run for 2 weeks so remember to add "#11/12" to the account name.

Good Trading all! :clover:
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The prize for this contest is a Kindle 6" with 3G and official leather cover.

Good luck all.
First update of the new trading week, and an excellent prize, a Kindle 6" with 3G and official leather cover.

Fighting it out over top spot we have redart in 1st followed by Oppi1904....but it's very early days so all to play for.....

Week 11-12 - Day 1.jpg
Day 2 of the trading week and andycon maintains his lead at the top followed by counter_violentmoves and redart.

Week 11-12 - Day 2.jpg
Middle of the first week and we have a new leader at the top: counter_violentmoves, however still early days....

Week 11-12 - Day 3.jpg
Latest update of the week and we have another account in top spot, Oppi1904 - there have been different holders of 1st place every day so far, so anyone can win I'd say......Good luck all.

Week 11-12 - Day 4.jpg
Last update for this week and we still have Oppi1904 in 1st place, but there is a healthy following just behind.....can still all change (y)

Week 11-12 - Day 5.jpg
Hi all, how about adding charts to forexdesk, just simple charts with multiple timeframes and a few MAs would be awesome. Or is it possible to link the chart from netdania or prorealtime like fxstreet has been doing? Next step would be adding positions, manage SLs directly from the chart.
First update of week 2 of the contest and it's all hotting up at the top. davidesassi is now in top spot followed by maxima in 2nd, with a gap opening up to 3rd, but there's a long way to go....Good luck all :clover:

Week 11-12 - Day 6.jpg
yeah, well it'd be a bit better for me if my trading page wasn't frozen - i bin trying to get out but no dice - losing money fast - help!!

back ok just now - thanks sharks - not quick enough to save all the bacon tho' :)
blimey, it all happening today -firefox not keen to let me in - gives me this message

www.forexdesk.com uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate expired on 01/08/2011 17:20. The current time is 01/08/2011 17:57.