Stops ?

Hi Sharky, Stopped out of HMV @ 173.5p, the lowest bid on advfn trades was 173.75p have advfn got it wrong.
cheers Col
Waldorf - not checked it in detail myself - but perfectly possible that the available bid/offer price was lower but no trade occurred at that level?

Edit: Cannot now get advfn's quote-changes analysis, but with the shaded spread on advfn's intraday chart seems to show a bid price of 173.5p existed between (roughly) about 2:33pm and 2:55pm (and 172p briefly before that).
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Thanks PurplePerson, Advfn have been known to get it wrong, tried checking L2 but with the market closed it was not available.
Regards Col
ps. Yep Ample have it @172p 2:33pm Thanks.
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Hi Sharky,

Something not quite right with the stop that got applied to my RTO short today. Stoploss was set to kick in at 267p... and it didn't. Got triggered later at 268.75p instead.

The offer price methinks was 267p for about 7 minutes between 3:28pm and 3:35pm (I'm going by advfn).

(Also 267p at 2:45pm to 2:55pm on some other feeds I gather).

Only makes less than £200 difference, so not that critical if the verdict goes against. Especially as I'm m--i--l--e--s away from the leaderboard.
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Hi PP,

Not sure about that, would like to know why though it didn't get triggered earlier. I noticed you shorted at 266, when did you actually set the stop?.. presumably the price went lower than that, you set the stop and it went back up later.

Looked at ADVFN and 2:45 to 2:55 it wasn't 267, so we can discount that, looks like it was 267 for about 7 mins like you said - that should have triggered it, so can't say why it didn't - but I think we can blame the delayed feed. Hopefully some day we can upgrade to a proper realtime feed, which should solve these inconsisitencies.

In the meantime I'll update your portfolio with the correct price.


ps. Not so far off the top now,and you're already 2nd place for this week ;)
Thanks Sharky,
I can't retrieve yesterday's data from advfn now, but my own scribbled notes show the market price 266-266.5p when I set the 267p stop, which would have been at or immediately following the original shorting order. I don't think(?) I changed it, but can't remember well enough to be certain.