Discrepancies between FTSE feeds


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I started using ADVFN's feed in Quotetracker yesterday but I have noticed that the data is somewhat different to Yahoo. For example, Yahoo is showing a momentary breach of 4500 at around 8:30 this morning but according to ADVFN it got no closer than 4502. As I write, Yahoo is showing FTSE advancing from 4499 to 4506 but ADVFN is showing it pretty static.

Of course ADVFN is streaming .... and Yahoo might be a snapshot but surely the candlesticks should still show the highs & lows of that 10 minutes, especially when I'm refreshing every 60 seconds.

Is one wrong or is it just different ways of displaying data ??


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According to their website, it's realtime ... but I must admit that doesn't appear to be the case !!


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unless you pay it will be streming but delayed but I think 10-15 mins where Yahoo can be refreshed very min
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