stock markets are due for a major correction any given day


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This was my view at the beginning of the year. Maybe this week is it?

I mostly agree with where you are going with all that, but I see it in a much simpler light...The current rise in equities markets has been with decreasing volume. There's only one way that will end and it's down hard with enormous volume. Time frame is hard to predict but you offer a fairly wide Q1 to Q3. I'd say Q2-Q3.

Have a happy and prosperous New Year!



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please read in full.

I did read in full. That just seems to me what you're saying. That if 1200 is 1600 then there must have been 25% inflation, discounting any economic growth. Have we had economic growth? That depends on who you ask. IMO, the economic growth depends on your starting point. If you measure from the beginning of 2009, I'd say yes, but on a longer time line, I'd say we have not. But that's only my opinion.

I think a lot of the top money controllers are too fearful of another 2008 to happen, so they are still sitting on a hoard of cash. I really don't think another 2008 will happen anytime soon. The Lehman bk preceded the overall collapse. What major investment firm is poised to go bankrupt? And why would it? I don't have an answer.
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