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Managed to go long on KCOM at start of play @81p!! How did I manage that then as the offer has been no where near that price for many weeks. Down 2K already and the competition has just started. :confused:
Ouch! Looks like you fell foul of the dreaded early-morning-spread factor, Nemesis.

Before the offer price dropped to 67p this morning, it was briefly at 70p, and before about 8:45am it was at a whopping 81.5p for at least the previous 15 minutes (not sure about earlier than that but should be able to check today's history in greater detail this evening if needed).

I'm going by the intraday chart at The trades listing won't show this because nobody out there appears to have traded before 8:52am, by when the initial high spread had disappeared. They may well have deliberately been avoiding the early spread.

Worth clarifing with Sharky whether overnight trades are meant to be dealt at 9am (safely clear of most big morning spreads) or just recorded at 9am but dealt 20 minutes sooner - in which case falling into the expensive territory on KCOM this morning.

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I dont follow your data here. The intraday and trade lists for yesterday and today was nowhere near 81.5p. Where are you seeing the 81.5p offer price? Using advfn.
Hi Nemesis,

If you have premium access to advfn, go to and select 'shaded' (or 'line' if preferred) from the 'spread' button below the chart, and click 'draw'.

(I'm not sure if this facility is available on the free access version? Maybe it is. The chart is the one you get when left-clicking (to enlarge) the right-hand chart on the 'quote' page.. or just go via the 'intraday' tab on the menu bar and select same shaded-spread setting).

PS:If this doesn't work for you I can email you a copy of the chart via the link in your profile (assuming T2W's emailing setup will accept the picture. If not, email me and I'll email you direct).

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PP - thanks for the feedback. I'll take your word for it as I cant see it on the free service. Right, back to the DOW!