August Winner Announced


A big congrats goes to Mid who wins the August Competition with a grand total worth of £69,433.35 at the end of four weeks. Starting as all entrants do with a capital of £50,000 - that's a staggering increase of £19,433.25 or 39% - quite possibly the highest return yet (correct me if I'm wrong!).

How did he do it, well.. shorted Marconi. Simple as that. Macroni saw it's price crash towards the end of August, and Mid was able to ride the price all the way down from 2.62p on 16 Aug to close at 1.75p on 27 Aug.

Special mention should also go to danieltrader who wasn't far behind with £64,621.41 who also managed to profit from the Marconi price crash with a profit of £8,616.19 with his short trade still open at the competition close on 2 Sept. He also managed to profit from a few well timed buy trades, such as ARM, SBT, LLOY and BGY netting between 1-2k each.

Finally well done to grobag (£57,819.19), rejji (£56,374.37) and kevinmcm (53,669.34) who took the remaining three Top 5 rankings.

Thanks also to Ofzero who it appeared had stormed into first position at Monday's close, but in fact his ranking was caused by a glitch in our price feed that meant the price on his short of AOL was coming up as 0p. Apologies to Ofzero, as felt no doubt unable to close the position (if this ever happens, then please email [email protected] - and I'll rectify it immediately!). Ofzero finishes in 14th place, but still with a respectable profit of £328.98.

I'll leave the ranking for the last competition up until about 6pm this evening, when I'll open the new September competition, and so those that wish can get there trades in before Monday's open.

As for prizes, I wanted to get some more t-shirts printed by the end of last month - that's rolled over to this month, but all previous competition winnes are noted (you'll soon be able to see them in a competition history page) and each winner will receive a t-shirt as and when I get them.

Good luck to all this month! By the looks of it it's going to be another tough one.

I'm over the moon. Thanks for getting the results up Sharky.

I have to confess I'm a new to all this so it is beginners luck though I did hear about Marconi's news on Friday night and put in a trade over the weekend knowing it would execute as early as possible on the Monday before the news hit the mainstream.

There was an opportunity to close at £23K profit but greed saw £4K wiped off.

Will wear my t-shirt with pride.

A word of warning Mid. Congratulations too... BUT placing a trade for anything early in the morning can cost you very dearly. This is the time when the Market Makers "win" their Ferraris..... They move the bid offer spreads out so that "unsuspecting" punters think the price is really moving up - or down- prompting a quick deal. For example, on this Marconi news, they may have moved the price up by ,say, 0.5 p to con punters into buying in the belief that the weekend's news had done some good...... only to smartly move the price down to where it should have rightly been. It is much, much safer to wait at least until 8:30 before placing a trade, thereby seeing what the real price action is going to be. Just keep reminding yourelf that your MONI short was exceptionally well timed...... That does nothing to detract from the fact that you did exceptionally well in any case!