SpreadBetting or Shares


After reading loads of posts here, I hope someone could give me some advise. There very little posted about buying and holding shares either longterm or shortterm. Also alot of posts advise newbies to use Spread betting as a starter. I would class myself as a beginner although I have been reading as much as I can about T/A. Books recommended by this board such as John Murhy, Steven Achelis and Martin Pring which have interactive CD'S. Problem is Ive got lost in all the info that I cant seem to find a starting point. I have Sharescope for my data which I think is great, but I dont put to proper use because Ive got so wrapped up in the belief that you need to know everything before you can begin. If I was to look to Spreadbetting as a jump of point and opened a cash account as recommended in one of many posts, would Sharescope software be ok or should Ilook to metastock and keep Sharescope as my datafeed. Or should I forget about Spreadbetting and deal with shares first. In myself I know I have the abilitys to become a trader, Im not out to make my fortunes and I know it will take several years to feel comfotable with it. But Im sure Im like many, in that its hard to decide were to make that first leep.
Regards Robert

In your position I would consider opening a CFD account as this will allow you to trade in shares but at a low level of initial risk. If you find you have a flair for it you can then re-evaluate what you want to do at that point. I am unable to comment on Sharescope as I dont use it.

There has to come a point where you go for it. Just as long as you do it small time, I really don't think it matters what platform you use, untill you find your feet. Just stay small, which you can do with CFD's or spreadbet. Start putting all that theory into practice, and start sweating, but don't risk the shirt off your back. The name of the game is to make winning trades. Not how much. How much comes later. Much later.
Thankyou both for your replys, is there any sites were I can goto to read up on CFD's. I shall start small and also take time, lots of time to develop.
Regards Robert