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Im after some advice re Metastock 8. Currently Im using Sharescope along with reading up on TA. Working my way through several books eg, John Murphys TA and the Financial Markets, (my fav so far), Steven Achelis TA A-Z (more of reference rather than a read), Brian millards channel annalysis and Martin Pring - Various, like this mainly because there on CDROM so feel a bit more interactive. Anyway my question I think Ive got the reading covered (but if you can suggest must haves please do) just need to sort the software side. Im interested in PFscan and Metastock 8. Pfscan Ive tried the download trial and like it alot so will definatly be getting. Metastock Ive read about here and the ability to program veriois scenarios apeels. What I like to know before commiting is 1: Do Ikeep Sharescope, using it for a data feed and then export from sharescope into Metastock if possible, or ditching Sharescope for Metastock and a new data feed. 2: If You can programn metastock would it be possible for example to look back to a particullar date, selct say 200 shares and see how many on that day had a rising 200 day avarage along with a list of those particular shares. I hope Im not asking to much.

Regards Robert
I can't comment on keeping the data as I bought EoD data separately. However, Metastock won't just be able to give you a list of which shares haad a rising 200 day ma it'd also let you experiment with different holding periods and exit criteria etc to see how much profit you could have made buying them.

Having said that, plenty of other packages will do that as well as more, but Metastock looked best to me on an overall cost/ease of use basis.

Thanks for reply, sounds as if Metastock will do what Im looking for. When you say you bought eod data seperatly, does that meen you subscribe on a monthly basis to a different data feed.
Regards Robert
Yep. I went for futures data rather than stock data as well. If you have a look at they offer EoD feeds for UK Stocks/US Stocks/futures & forex.

If I were you I would do a board search on Metastock as JonnyT reckoned he had got it for £1, which would be nice :)

As you already have ShareScope, it is probably the cheapest option to keep it for the data feed at £11.75 per month, and then export the data to Metastock. It also gives you access to the two programs. So if you don't like to get on with Metastock you still have ShareScope to fall back on, and ShareScope does have the datamining on fundamentals which some find useful. I really do think that ShareScope can't be beaten for price and usefulness, although the added scanning capabilities in Metastock are useful if that is your inclination.

I used to do a scan on ShareScope, then export that into Metastock so that I wasn't wasting a lot of time and effort analysing penny stocks and doom and gloom stocks.

I also have TC2000 for US stocks for the same reason; it is probably the cheapest data feed for all 8,000 US stocks, and has good scanning abilities. And of course the data can be exported to Metastock.
Thanks for reply, I like the the idea of scanning for certain shares in Sharescope and exporting to metastock. In fct this would work very well for me because I can then keep to the same shares that I would export for Pfscan. After reading many of the posts and the reply from yourself and WYSI Ive decided to give metastock ago.

Thanks again
Regards Robert

Hey I m new to this forum. can any one tell me from where I can download cracked version of metastock 9. I m currently using metastock 8