Hi, Can anyone recomend a good book on fundemental basics. Im using Sharescope and as a beginner have been reading up on technical analysis. I would like to put Sharescope to better use as it seems to very good on Fundemental data and most of the screening seems to be geared this way. For t/a Im reeding A - Z by S Achells (v.good) and M Pring cd rom Introduction to T/A. Thanks in advance for any advice
Regards Robert
Hi Rob,

There are a couple of books I have (not my thing but I have read them!). The Motley Fool Uk Investment Workbook, The Zulu Principle by Slater and the follow up book "Beyond the Zulu Principle" and also and probably the best one Dremans Contrarian Investment Strategies.

You'll need plenty of strong coffee ;)
Dear RobcPettit,

I have read loads of books, both about Fundamentals and TA. I have read both the Zulu books and use part of their strategy in both my personal portfolio and the investment club portfolio. At the moment I cannot remember the names of the Fundamentals books (I'll look at home tonight and let you know). My favourite TA book is called Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets by Mr Murphy.
Contrarian Investing

There is a good book titled (appropriately) 'Contrarian Investing', by Anthony M. Gallea and William Patalon III, published in 1998 by Prentice Hall. One guy is a money manager with a major firm, and the other is a business reporter. They lay out the case for Contrarianism very effectively, including examples, and also cite the appropriate academic studies. (This last I found particularly useful). You can probably find a used copy cheaply somewhere. I got mine for four bucks in a second hand shop.
Beyond the zulu principal by slater is also a good book to read.

ISBN 0-75281-385-4

I also agree with jungle Jim on Murphy it costs a few bob but it covers virtually every thing you will want, it (IMHO) is one of the best TA books around Make sure you get the 1999 version

ISBN o-7352-0066-1

I also agree with Helen Motly fool

ISBN 0-7522-2439-5

saves you looking them up

Being anal retentive fundamentals have always been a problem...

Ok now having failed to make you laugh may I suggest the latest Murphy book on Intermarket Analysis to broaden your view. I find Murphy to be very good at making the complex understandable to non experts like myself.