Shares only


I know this is a re accuring question, but Ive noticed that a lot of the posts refer software for traking intraday, futures etc. I am currently using sharescope, but because Im new to this Im not trading, meerly learning. Im at the moment soely interested in buying/selling shares so Im happy with EOD data. My question, is metastock/aiq etc, good for tracking uk share markets. I find with sharescope has a lot of info, which as a beginner is plenty to be getting on with, but equally when it comes to testing ideas on historicl data it is lacking. Ive seen reference to backtesting with other packages and wondered if anyone could advise which would be good for shares only. Eventually Iwould like to move to intraday but as Ive left starting out on this path at 41 I thought I start of tentavly.
Regards Robert
there are a few of us around treading shares using EOD data, my idea of nipping in and out is a trade that only lasts 2-3 weeks!
Most of the backtesting I've seen is for Technical Analysis, not Fundamentals, and there are a few programs around ... if £330 or so isn't too bad a price I'd suggest Metastock personally for TA backtesting. That's what I have, and I'd be using it quite heavily I think if I didn't program my own stuff... as it is I'm busy enough!
Thanks for the reply, After every thing Ive read I have been looking closer at metastock and was thinking of calling them to ask a couple of questions. Id like to be able to how many shares have a rising 201 day average on any one day. Eg, today, a week ago a month ago etc, and for these to be listed. Also if I have a chart displayed with a 201 day centered m/a on it, when I scrol back in time if the 201 m/a also scrolls bak. Sharescope doesnt do this, but I have software by brian millard which does do this, its a bit dated and a bit of a pain compared with sharescope. Am I correct in thinking you are the same dj re pfscan. Iv recently downloaded the trial, currently have ten days to go and will be purchasing. At the moment I only have a p200 computor so processing share data is slow, in 4 weeks though ill be able to upgrade, which is why know im seeking out software. At the moment this system wouldnt cope with pfscan or metastock efficiently, not unless I drink alot of coffee.
Regards Robert