Slanging matches Rant

Dow Dog
The 1996 Olympic were held in the sierra mountains in Spain, plenty of powder to go down on and no doubt up on if thats your bag ;)

This was just my rant about the this bb slipping from the heady heights that it once was.

If i were to start finger pointing then i would be sure to degrade my own character.
You learn something every day.

Always associated Spain with sun, sea, sand, and sangria but not skiing.

I'll remember to take my skis with me when I go to Majorca in July.
Am signing off now for the rest of the week so if anyone has comments or those that have already pm'ed me then i am not ignoring you i just have a plane to catch.

Have a nice weeks trading... for those that are interested one trade today on mxim long @ 64.65 15:10 time closed @ 65.65 17:45
Already short eur from 1.2890 placed order last night and executed while i was still in bed at 8am
position trade on ftse and dax rolled over from december contract 4352 (oct 16)and 3710 (nov 10th) respectively and a few other bits and bobs

Have a good weeks trading for those that trade or aspire to trade. for those that say they trade and dont pull your finger out or get a life

Newtron Bomb
...someone who does
Hi All

My personal view on the subject is that members should use the "Report this post to a moderator" button at the bottom of each post.
That way, it makes it easier to spot when something is offensive - as these things are not always as clear as they seem. :rolleyes:

These are just my thoughts
FTSE Beater,

I think maybe in a lot of these cases, it's not one particular post, or maybe even one thread that's a problem, just a continual stream of posts which have nothing to do with the purpose of the thread.

There's a great deal of valuable, interesting stuff on this site, which can take time to find & digest, it can take a lot longer when threads are hijacked by people whose only purpose is to continually slag off other posters and crack jokes at their expense.

I'm thinking in particular of Mug2k's thread. I'm sure he's up for a bit of constructive criticism, but it seems a bit much at times.

I like a good laugh as much as anyone, and the usual good nature of this site makes it a joy to use, but if people want to slate someone else, why not start another thread so that those of us who have better things to do can avoid it.

I for one will consider using 'Report to moderator' - sounds like fun. :cheesy:
hear hear..........................and it is shame cos this is such a lovely site
definitely noticed a drop in quality of responses. much more petty and pointless stuff than there was when I joined an age ago
All Bulletin boards go through phases of antagonism between members and T2W is not unusual in this. In the better quality ones it doesn't last, so for those who are commenting that the "Good Old Days" were better, well things do move on and I am confident that the same will be the case here.