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I am increasing annoyed and concerned at the degradation of this site, from the point of view of civility to each other.

When i first joined, quite some time ago, the tone that was spoken was that of respect to each other and of peoples individual opinions.

Now all i see is constant slanging matches, digs, pokes and general *****ing because their opinion is different to that of another poster.

Nice to see some one posting a trade in real time and not some post event wins by so called coaches..

This is meant to be a community of like minded individuals. Sharing ideas opinions and strategies which most have done willingly for a long time - but stop being fools by slagging each other

I for one have learnt a lot from the opinions of others and the charts posted be it in real time or post event and also done the same hoping that other may learn from a different set of eyes looking the same information. All that is given in return is constant bickering and school yard insults.

The standards have indeed dropped and when i see a moderator abuse the privileges given to him and lower the tone of this site further instead of trying to build on its reputation, i would like to ask the question why is this person a moderator?

I see there are many fine minds on this board that share a lot of their information but dont let it go to your head because i see you all for what you really are and hopefully these individuals are seen by others and with any luck they themselves will see what idiots they in fact are and amend their ways.

Sharky you need to sort it out, i think you need to be a bit more rigid and slap some wrists.

Happy trading
Newtron Bomb

Manners doesn't take a moment to do or cost anything
Newtron - you should come to Zambia with us at the weekend. Sounds like you're in need of a bit of R&R mate.
Dow Dog-ur determination to get as many people on board for the Zambia trip is most admirable-keep up the good work!
Being new I too have noticed that the site does have some troublesome posters, but it still balanced by a lot of mature informative comments by the majority. I hav'nt seen the post where regarding the moderator so I can't comment.

I have only been present on the boards a while though ;)
Thank you MCGF.

The more the merrier although there may be a chance that there will not be enough rich widows to go around.

I guess we can share if needs be.
Totally agree with NB.

This site is now polluted by ***holes of one kind or another. Constantly posting at every moment day and night, what a sad life they must lead. NB's point regarding some of the Moderators is also valid. Petty, immature and should not be moderating this or any other board.


"So long and thanks for all the fish!"
Lol-im not so confident-we have posted on here more than anyone today-come on tell us we can take it!
I am a firm believer that trading success can only be achieved if one has a healthy and sometimes maniacal sense of humour.

It is a boring business at times and the ability to have a laugh with your fellow traders and also laugh at yourself from time to time is paramount.
Well said Dow Dog!

Most of the so-called bickering is in good humour anyway-surely we live in a country of free speech tho-if someone doesnt like a particular thread they dont have to read it!
I agree with both your comment and being from Liverpool theres nothing better than having a laugh and joke but there is a point when some folks decide to insult each other for no apparent reason or argue for no discernible reason.


Delboys signature is "so long and thanks for all the fish"-u think he has known about the zambian fish market potential thing for a while?