Site too busy??


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Hi Sharky
I think this site is getting v busy... I was getting the error message before when trying to access the main page:

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections in /nfs1/paulg/webs/ on line 8
unable to connect to SQL server

Just so you know.. cheers

BD :cool:
Seems like we're having some problems with the database server. The web hosts are already on the ball, and their engineers are dusting away all the server cobwebs. Hopefully should be stable again real soon.

Thanks for your patience.
it's all right for you guys.
the problem waited until I finished typing my post
and then occurred as I was posting it.
all lost , had to start again.

- not the first time either -
Bonsai-same happened to me, so I put a shorter one on. Couldn`t be @r$ed to write it all again :confused:
Was happening to me a little while ago so I started copying my posts (ctrl-c) before hitting submit so I can just paste them back in if it goes wrong.

Oh dear - hope we're not getting a reputation for broken pages! There's a new server being installed in September which should hopefully alleviate some of the recent trouble.
a little bird tells me that a number of people are using
auto-refresh on their chosen threads.
So you may have to allow for that in the future.

The problems I was having weren't anything to do with T2W, was mostly when posting on TMF and theDVDforums so I assume was the dodgy network at work.