Trade2Win's Newsletter Issue #1


In case anyone didn't get the newsletter yesterday morning, here is a copy of the email. BTW, please do sign up for the mailing list on the front page if you haven't already, as registered members of the board still need to sign up seperately for the newsletter, though this may change in future.

Cheers Sharky...

Trade2Win's Newsletter Issue #1

The Introduction ---------------------

I would firstly like to welcome everyone to our community.

As you may know we started this site back in January of this year. But perhaps you're still wondering who we are?

Well, we are traders just like you. We started out just like you sitting in front of computer screens wondering if we did the right thing. Did we choose the right career, the long hours, the endless research, the heartache of the losses and the loneliness of being self-employed and being the only employee...

6:30 am, Right, up real early for a bit of news searching that might affect the market today. Now I know the boys in the city are still tucked up in bed, how do they do it? Coffee sounds good about now. Right, warnings everywhere, that will do the portfolio just great! Wish the US had less effect on the UK, wishful thinking! If I only knew about these warnings yesterday I would never have bought those MONI and ARM. Ok, never mind, what did those books say, right, move on, forget that loss. How many times do I have to say that before it stops hurting, you know the feeling. That knot in your stomach, that takes the wind out of you! As easy as those book writers preach, makes you wonder if they ever traded before.

9:00 am, Great my holding has lost 5% and six other stocks have ran up 10% how am I suppose to watch all those stocks?

10:00 am, Looks like the selling stopped, might be time to average down my cost. Looks like supports are on the L2 buy side. Time to buy then.

11:00 am, Great what's happened to all those support levels on the L2 when I bought in again? I averaged down and now the stocks is down another 3%! Someone help!

11:30 am, Maybe some breakie will help.

12:00 pm, Why is the FTSE still falling? Oh, Bloomberg said the US futures is dragging us down at the moment. How can the US's market dragging us down? They are closed for goodness sake. Wish I understand the US market more and how it effectw us during the day!

1:30 pm, The market woke up great my loss is getting better. Oh, the futures is doing better. Is that how it works?

2:30 pm, Wow my stocks are doing great. I knew I can make money doing this! Oh No! Why is my stocks dropping like a rock? Why, Why! No news here in! Why, Why!

3:30 pm, Oh Bloomberg said CSCO warned last night in the US last night, dragging the rest of the techs down today. Great why are they telling me now after I held from yesterday and bought more today to average down.

4:00 pm, Great the Tech Mark down, The Nasdaq down, The FTSE down and my stocks is down 15%, hate to do it but those books said to apply STOP LOSS!

4:15 pm, Sold all my tech stocks at a 15% lost! Oh, that sick feeling again!

4:30 pm, The UK's market is closed and I lost money today again! HELP! The wife is going to kill me! I better start doing some research now so I can make back my loss tomorrow!

6:30 pm, Hello dear, yes I did ok today on the market, and I will do even better tomorrow. I hate lying to her, but she doesn't understand that you lose some, you win some.

8:00 pm, Bloomberg said US is rallying.

9:30 pm, Bloomberg said Nasdaq is up 120 pts. Great! Oh no, I sold them all today following what the books say about stop loss. It's ok I can buy some first thing in the morning! Only if I held them I wouldn't have to pay the markup in the morning as I throw those books in the bin.

10:30 pm, I got my buying list done!

11:00 pm, Ok dear, I am coming to bed!

12:00 pm, Wish I could sleep!

12:30 pm, I need sleep getting up soon.



Remember, we are all traders here at Trade2Win! Just like You. We know what you are going through. We made all those mistakes and now we can show you how to avoid them.

The Trade2Win User Guide ------------------------------

Eleven steps to becoming a better trader..

1. We use the power of numbers to our advantage. The numbers of our members to contribute to the research works. So check the BB each evening of the night before for our member's postings as an aid, but this doesn't mean you are exempt from doing your own research! We are not here to do ALL the work for you, this will only work if we all contribute.

Check out the following forums:

UK Shares:
Shares, indices and markets - and general trading talk. A place to discuss your favourite UK stocks.

US Trading:
Discussion on day trading and position trading of US stocks. Let our US traders tell you what's going on Stateside the night before.

Technical Analysis:
Anything and everything connected with TA of stocks and indices. If you use TA, this is the place to post your TA report. If you are just starting to learn this is the place to ask TA questions.

System Trading and Software:
Using artificial intelligence systems, and software, for UK and US trading. If you use Softwares to enhance your trading may it be AIQ, MetaStock, Omni Trader, Shares Scope, Proquote or Updata this is the place to discuss or ask questions. And there's a brand new AIQ EDS subforum, to post your routines and let other members adjust them or comment on them.

Market Indices:
Trading, analysis, and discussion of UK and US indices. If
you trade or spread bet the indices this is your thread.

Boot Camp:
Archive of Lectures from the Chat Room and Selected Educational Threads. This will be the thread for all lectures and for new traders to discuss trading method.

New Member's Q&A:
Hang out for new members, a great place for new members to get familiarise themselves to the site. So ask away all the questions you want, I'm sure a senior member will lend a hand. Please, if you are a new
member introduce yourself in here and give us a bio of your trading level. So we know how to help you!

2. Use all the tools that we have put on the site and all that we will be adding during the intra-day, like the News service and the Analysis. Try out our new CLICK FOR LIVE HELP, a live human service to help you around the site during your visit. To speak to one of the operators in real time, just click on the green button with (click for live help) written on it, it's on
each page.

3. The most Powerful tools we can offer are the real time Chat Rooms where all our full time and part time traders meet to fight the market and not among themselves. Imagine loads of traders scanning the market giving each other knowledge and support on each trade, and posting entry and exit points. All in real time. So if you want to learn how to be or become a
better trader, just click on the Live Chat window on the Front Page.

4. Ever wanted to know what's happening in the US in real time that will effect your stocks tomorrow or today? Well, stop by the Trade2Win-US chat room and ask our US traders, who better to ask what's affecting the market today and tomorrow than the traders on the Nasdaq?

5. All our forums like UK Shares, US Trading, Technical Analysis, System Trading and Software, Boot Camp, etc, etc, all have a corresponding Chat Room. Just click on the Via the PC link under the Live Chat Heading on the left
menu bar. That will open a Java window, all you have to do is put in a Nick Name on the Nick Name window, then click on the drop down window which is the down arrow on the Channel window and select the room you want to go to and click on Connect Now. Then you will be Live Chatting. Once you arrive please introduce yourself and ask all the questions you like, we are always willing to help.

6. Our Trade2Win Contest, try your hand at our weekly contest or day trading contest. The weekly contest can be activated on the competition link for all the rules and regulation. Our Day Trading competition is a software activated contest which you can use in the UK Chat Room, you will need mIRC downloaded which you can find on the Via the Web link under Live Chat, once you download the mIRC software and find your way to the chat room we can help you set up the contest software, this is a great way to learn trading without risking your capitals. Or just ask the live help. We also have prizes for the Day Trading contest to make it more realistic. A monthly prize of a trading book and a quarterly prize to be announced.

7. Our Techies Corner. Ever have problems or wonder what is the best set up for your computer for trading? We have loads of techies that are traders that can help. So we will be running a contest for our techies to set up the ultimate PC for trading so keep an eye on this forum. But I the mean time if you need help just ask away!

8. Our web site has just gone through a whole new facelift and loaded up with many new features. So you can test them out or learn how to use them in the New Features Testing Area. Some of the cool new features include:

- User email notification of answered posts
- Support for VB code to format the look of you post
- User profiles let you customise your experience of the boards.
- Avatars - Choose either a custom picture or one of the existing ones which are added to your posts.
- Private messaging - send a private message to another member
- Buddy list - see if any of your friend's are online
- Upgraded search engine - faster and more powerful, find the thread you need quickly.
- Faster page download time - faster than ever before
- Polls - create your own poll and vote on others
- Thread Ratings - rate other member's threads

9. Trading Links have a world full of information you can trawl through, all broken down for your convenience like UK Shares, Technical Analysis and Day Trading. All the information you ever need, a good place to start for new

10. Our BB also have a built in [url="]FAQ[/url] features on the top of every pages, so if you can't find anyone or anything that can help try there!

11. Our most important and BEST tool, is our MEMBERS, without them we wouldn't have this community! This place was built and run by traders for traders.
We make no profits from this site, we do it because we know the hardships of being a trader. It gives us joy in helping our fellow traders. (We Fight The Market, Not With Ourselves). So you will never find nor will we allow any ramping on this site, and for Help all you have to do is ask! So on your next visit, register yourself and join our community.

" If you can return to the game the next day, you have already won"

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