Error message?

Hi Sharky, Entering competition, only the long was sent,
don't know what happened to the short, but shortly afterwards
this error message came up.

ps I'm using a Mac and AOL what a combination!.

Warning: file("/usr/home/paulg/webs/") - No such file or directory in /usr/home/paulg/webs/ on line 769

Warning: Argument to array_reverse() should be an array in /usr/home/paulg/webs/ on line 770

Regads Col:confused:
PPs: After writing this message i went back to the competition page lo and behold the lomg had dissapeared out of the comp, entering again it went through ok, whats going on?.
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Sorry about that, I know what's going on and it sould be fixed now waldorf, thanks for alerting me to it.