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Hi All,

Am reviewing SC (like it so far) and am trying to get the Pivot Points working how i would like them to.

What am after is to get the historical PP lines plotted for each day, as oppose to the current day only, so that I can do some visual back testing and review some of my past trades.

Ive posted some messages on the user boards and I have had no response yet. Which just reinforces the quality of this site, when you post a question you get a wealth of imediate replys. (no disrespect to the other boards is intended) thank you all in advance.
Hi Newton,

You need to open a historical chart in the chartbook as well as the intraday one.

Then add studies Pivot points- Historical and PP, R3 S3. Make sure you add the correct reference number of the historical chart in the settings for each PP study. If you only have two charts open it will be number 2.

I see.
Just to clarify, I need to have both the PP studies to get what am after, with reference to the daily chart for the calculation for both the PP studies. For example the reference would be from say #1 an intraday chart refrencing #2 the daily chart.

And for the historical PP's follow instuctions as above

Thank you Helen, much appreciated
Yes you want the PP (known as M in some books) at least. S3 R3 don't get hit often :)