sharescope dates


Does any one know the date system that sharescope uses in its filters. When I export a filter and then edit I see that 1/1/1994 = 48128, entering this into excel and adding 1 for each day upto 31/1/1994 I can get these values, then for 1/2/94 it is 48160, I have to add 2 to the number given for 31/1/1994. Any way at the start of each month you have to add a value, which Ive worked out, and these stand true for the months whichever year your working on, ounce youve worked out the value for the start of the year. Im wondering what system or formula there using. Ive tried julian dates, and modified julien dates with no success. Any help would be appreciared. Regards Robert
Just change the date export format in SharScope to dd/mm/yyyy

Thats what I use without problem as a CSV. Then read into Excel.

Have you tried to right click the cell containing date as 48128 and 'format' and choose 'date' format that you want to see...?...I have a feeling that date cells on your excel are set as 'general' which throws out these numbers...

Also make sure that it is not 'american' date format or excel setting...very commonly done..
Thanks for your replys, when you export a filter (re datamining) you have no options other than the destination. You can then open in note pad to edit your filter, this is where I see the date format eg:
CRITERIA 0,6,0,-1,65535,-166.949997,0,48148,48436,0;
this is a line to add search criteria, 48148 and 48158 are the dates to search between. 21/1/94 = 48148 and 31/1/94 = 48158
I can work out the dates in excel, Im trying to work out if sharescope uses a formula or a specific date pattern.
Regards Robert