selecta7 - anybody looked into it?


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Apr 11, 2002
The biggest concern I have is that this system is called Selecta7 and his other one is Asset18 or similar. This could come perilously close to the (alleged as I've never looked at it) fund manager technique of taking 20 trainee fund managers giving them a stake each and then cutting all the losers until after 5 years you have 1 guy with a good track record to promote to everyone. It doesn't mean that guy is any good.

Similarly the numerical tags could mean he genuinely set up 20 (or 2000) different systems and is just promoting the best one. Doesn't mean it is any good though, just means it was best fitted to the past data.



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Dec 9, 2001
The 7 in selecta7 refers to the seven filters built into the system to produce the selected horse. I am now off to put on todays bets!


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Dec 9, 2001
the content of the post as above is not correct. the money management dictates that you bet 1/20 of the high of your kitty, not 1/20 of what you have on that day, otherwise it will be harder to get ahead.
i can't see anything wrong with selecta7 and don't believe the returns are manipulated.


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Apr 23, 2003
#20 did the selections fair on Saturday seadog?



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Dec 9, 2001
last saturday and monday the programme selected seven horses, one was a non-runner, two were less than even odds so no bet. of the other four two won and two lost. the two winners returned, at my bookmaker, evens and 5-2. so the kitty increased.


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May 4, 2003
Horse race betting works by selecting 'n' % winners at total odds enough to ensure winning during a gioven betting period.

So, if your method returns 1 winner n three bets, average odds must be approx 3/1 or better to win.

the horse race market largely responds to weight of meny bet.

Thus, if your system produces the winning figures as quoted above, and you allow many people to make use of your selections, there is a strong chance that weight of money will force prices down to a level where you no longer make money.

Additionally bookies will close down winning accounts / bar you from the shop etc.

Are the selecta 7 returns quoted to s/p or best price?

The difference between the two can be the difference between profit and loss. Also, consistently getting best price is nearly impossible.
Jul 16, 2002
I have no idea whether Selecta7 works or not, but I can tell you that all arguments about not being able to put a bet on if you are a winner are completely finished.

Any of the betting exchanges can be used to get as good or better prices than the bookies, and they don't care if you win because you are beating other punters. Many bookies are on the sites laying odds on all the runners in every race, and you can do the same yourself if you have the skill. (Few do, I imagine).

As betting guru Geoff Harvey proves, there's never been a better time to work on systems for all sports betting. And it will get better as more mug punters migrate to the exchanges.

With some services you can trade a football match in the same way you trade futures. Like trading futures, I assume it takes time and experience. But if it ever really takes off and hits the mass market, free money beckons.
Jan 14, 2003
Here is a link that will give you most of them:

Does Selecta 7 work ? well maybe it does to a degree but I see that the adverts in the Mail on Sunday saying that last year they made £25K have disappeared.

This is since the results for 2002 dropped to a profit of only £6K on a starting bank of £20K and this does not include the costs to subscribe to their system. This included placing 157 bets at £600 a time meaning that your average return per bet was £38 or 6%

Strike Rate = 35%, Max consecutive losing bets = 9 which equates to a drop in the bank of £5.4K

In my view this whole system works by money management and not the system used for selcting horses.

We all know that money management is the key to success in any speculative activity and horse racing is no different. I do know of a couple of people who make their living from backing horses with an emphasis on money management. One of the guys only risks 2% of his bank on any selection and doubled his account with a drawdown of only 5% and did this quite easily.

All of them use betting exchanges to place bets now as you are anonymous and so the threat of having accounts shut down is nill. The exchanges make their money from commission on the bets placed because all they do is match one person betting with another. All they want is for you to place as many bets as possible and they couldnt care less who wins because they are not paying out. It is a very clever concept and a massive step forward for punters.