Anybody for Stock Options??


HI EVERYONE, firstly i must say Thank You All for sharing the knowledge and ideas which are dispersed accross these boards, you are the most Down to Earth bunch of people i have ever come accross.
And now for some more knowlede, please. I am looking to get into Stock Options via the Delta system, and would like to know if anybody trades using this system, and what the pitfalls are, or do'es anybody deal with the "eOptions Research Center"or other Stock Options Site's.

God Bless, Jonboy.
Jonboy - there is an options thread that was started a while ago, although not sure it answers your question :-

I tend to confine my options trading to indices as this works well for those who also have a dayjob or want a life rather than to sit in front of a screen all day.

Not sure what you mean by the Delta system - would you care to elaborate?
Hello JonBoy
Just wondering about your findings on the "delta system"..?


Hi Paolo,
I read about the "DELTA" system many months ago, but it appears that nobody on T2W uses it, so i have sort of give it a miss. It is a form of arbitrage or hedging, and looks very good, but i'ts on the shelf for now until i can study it further, so just at the moment i can't help you much, sorry.
Regards, Jonboy.
Got this e-mail from City Index, posting it here in case anyone is interested:

An 'Advanced Options' Seminar
Thursday 12th December - London

Robin Tracey, an experienced options trader will discuss all aspects of options trading and comment on a number of his personal trading strategies.

The seminar will start at 6pm and finish at approximately 9pm. Refreshments will be served upon arrival.

To register for the seminar, or if you require further information regarding our other seminars please call Rupert Ireland on 020 7550 8511 or email him on [email protected].
For anyone interested in Options and who can get there, this is a "must". Having taught myself the basics of Options, it was Robin who enabled me to turn in a regular profit with controlled risk. He is one of the best private options traders around, and if I didn't live so far from London i would definitely be there.