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After asking about selecta7 - it seems that t2w is a good place for sorting out the wheat from the chaff. There is one other thing that I'm looking at and wondering how beneficial it is.

Anybody a member of the zurich club? They advertise themselves as a semi-exclusive bunch of rich people looking after each other with ideas about how to make your money, protect your money and keep it secret from just about everybody. Costs £120 a year.

My suspicion is that it is reasonably kosher. The subscription is not enormous so they are presumably relying on repeat custom and they also have a number of semi-respectable people on the board.

Other than natural skepticism my hesitation is that I might be able to get the same amount of benefit for free from t2w and other web sites ...? So if you are a member what do you think? Do you learn things you wouldn't elsewhere?

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Care to post a link?

From a quick search they appear to be affiliated to who actually have a smaller charging rate. Is the advice relevant to English law?

The charge is basically tiny for what they claim to be offering which suggests either:

1) scam; or
2) you can expect a very hard sell for "value added" products and expect very little of value for your money.

The zurich club as far as I am aware from the German press is one big con job,their biggest coup was getting the ex Russian premier Gorbaschov to do a chat for them at one of their rally around the flag conventions.
Thanks for the links wysi - A definite scam me thinks.

I don't have a web link, all I got was a 24 page booklet. Seems like a lot of effort to go for such a scam, but I suppose if a 1000 people sign up at £120 time it soon adds up.

Its not just 1,000 people though. From quick trawls it looks as if the same people are probably behind a lot of similar companies. All of which add credibility to the others but all doing basically the same thing.

FWIW I don't actually think it is an out and out scam, i.e. people disappearing with your money, more that they have all these companies re-hashing essentially the same information (which is probably available on the net elsewhere) to provide you with your paid for content and then selling on your information (I found a link to a sight selling e-mail addresses for subscribers to the Oxford Club) and bombarding you with marketing to try and get more than th £120 for yet more recycled information.

You are probably right wysi.

It also occurred to me that if they did go out and find a reasonably promising up and coming company they could notify their members, many of whom would then go and buy it. THe price would then start to rise, other investors would then think the price is rising somebody knows something, check the company - looks promising - buy some more. A self fulfilling prophecy. Then zurich club/oxford club say pull out and everybody is happy.