Trading Clubs in Sussex area?


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Trading Clubs?

I must say that this entire site is worth a thousand books on trading. The sharing of experiences etc. lightens the perceived isolation of the trader setting out, albeit with modest trading sizes. And, the important thing is that no one has an axe to grind; they tell it as they see. One must treat with caution, I suppose, the endless offers of tuition etc. from the major SP firms.

There are, as we know, private investment clubs dotted
throughout the whole of the country - many of them doing well - where the social and mutual support feature high on the agenda. Do members of this site know of any similar groups of independent traders who meet regularly to share information, swap ideas and compare notes? I would have thought that such a club must exist in Brighton, for example, in view of the number of traders subscribing to this site living along the south coast.

If any traders along the Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings route (or north thereof) are reading this, how about establishing such a social group where the aim is to exchange ideas, information, experiences in a social setting, i.e. a pleasant pub or restaurant?

Best wishes,
Great idea, something I've thought of but never done anything about!!!
Looking through TW2 trader locator, I see there are quite a few people in the suggested area
By the way , I live in Heathfield
Lets see what the response is

Sean and Bored,

I live in Polegate just down the road from both of you and would be interested if a local club was started say on a two weekly or monthly basis.

Scooby and Bored.

Thanks for the replies. Let's see who esle is going to express interest and then maybe we can arrange something.

Best wishes,
There seems to be quite a bit of interest in members meeting up socially or even setting up more formal trading clubs. There's already over 400 members registered with our T2W Trader Locator and because of this I managed to hook up locally with Zambuck a couple of months back for a few drinks and some nosh.

So to make life a little easier, I'm going to set up a new forum later this evening in the Community forums section where you'll be able to start a thread for your own area. Thanks to Skim for the suggestion.

Eventually I'd like to build a system that ties in with the UK Trader Locator to make it as simple as possible to meet up locally. But in the meantime I hope the new forum will go some way to achieving this.
seancass, bored and scooby,

I also live in this area, live in Eastbourne and have a business in Polegate. I would be very interested in some form of trading club.

Kind regards

And then there was 4 of us!

Nearly enough to have a party :)

I also think Naz ( Alan Rich ) might come once in a while when he is in the area. ( Will reply to your e-mail later today Alan ;-)

I think it might be worth the 4 of us moving this idea forward for our mutual benefit and who knows we might pick others up on the way.

Need to starting thinking about a venue.

Any Ideas?

Sharky great idea, worth going for.


Where about in Polegate is your Business? What is your business for that matter?

Kind Regards


If you do not wish to post it on the board send me a private message.
Trading club in Sussex

Hello Dave,

Good to see the posting.

An initial meeting, as suggested, say in a bar/pub in the Polegate area may be logistically appropriate as we may then attract a couple of traders from Brighton too. The Polegate line (south cetnral) is accessible from Eastbourne and Brighton?

Is there such a venue in the Polegate area without crazy music where we can at least chat?

Best wishes,
Hi Ray

My business is on the Chaucer Ind Est, Dittons Road.
We make PVC-u products for the trade.

Hi Sean,

With regards to venues in Polegate, to my Knowledge there are 2 pubs as such and 2 pub restaurants.
Ray has probably got more experience of the local taverns but if it is purely a meet, chat and a drink the maybe the Junction. The Dinkham is very close to the Station but I do not know how noisy it is, or if food is also required The Horse and Groom is also close to the Station.

Look forward to meeting you all


This is a good idea...many of us ex Indexia users have been meeting regularly every three months - either in north or in discuss trading and related issues over beers (lots) and curry..!!! At present there are approx 8-10 members when full attendance...

Last time I met Paul (Sharky) I suggested something of similar nature. I suggested forming clubs of members living nearby meeting socially over a pint and meal.

From our group discussions that have been going for over 2 years now and we feel that some very good points are raised and discussed.

Very good suggestion indeed...
Hello everyone again,

I would say the Junction or the Doom and Gloom oops Horse and Groom :).

I find the Dinkum a bit like 'we don't like strangers round these parts :)'

Dave the Ind Estate is just round the corner from me. I am in Heron Ridge.

Well just need a date then, look forward to meeting everyone soon.

Trading Clubs

Hallo to All,

I think the Junction would be fine, if arriving by train it is only a short walk through the car park by the station.

As to timing, what suits you? Personally weekdays are better, my weekends are a bit crammed.



Good to see the post.

Why don't we meet up at the 'Junction' as you suggest and I note that weekends may be difficult.

Can I suggest we meet for a few drinks and a chat in order to 'break the ice' at the Junction with Martin and Ray next Monday evening at, say, 7.00 pm? Open to suggestions re change of time day etc.

Is this okay too with Ray and Martin? Please advise.

Best wishes,
Sean and Dave,

I have just spent 2hrs on the phone to Martin!!!!

All joking apart great phone conversation and can not wait to meet him and you both in person.

The only night I can not do is Monday due to work commitments

Sorry guys. I know Martin has said he can do most nights so how does Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri sit with everybody? 7.00pm?

Ok Tuesday 1st July 7.00pm at the Junction Pub in Polegate.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

If anybody else is around then drop by as well.

Trading Clubs

Hallo Sean, Ray

Tuesday is fine with me, how will we recognise each other? I suupose I could wear a red rose.

Just off to Tilbury, won't be back till much later.