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I think the post of Brettus is the 1 if would take if i where in your guys shoes right now. I remember back when i started also whent 1 time fulltime didnt worked out so well was your guys age. Now i am back in a job and trade longerterm trends sometimes go monkey long or monkey short when my gut tells me. But to create that gutfeeling took me years offcourse i have certain entry rulles etc. But i dont really care about tech analysis they can be some guide but at the end it all depends what the central banks do. Especailly with currencies intrest rates inflation is all you need to knwo and all represented on that dump chart you look at. Trying to figure out somekind of code on that chart is a wast of time and never gonna work it represents the hearthbeat of a country or coomoditie or whatever you trade. Remember inflation growth and intrest rates all you need to know. that stuff you aint gonna see on a 5 min chart or tick chart thats for the daytraders who eventually all blowup or dont make a penny at all. Also great for the gamblers they like to add colours etc so it represents more a slotmachine. AAh enough of my talk


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Good late evening guys, I was just wondering across youtube watching educational stuff (Tedx - TED: Ideas worth spreading if you have never heard of them, they have loads of independent informational sessions filmed and uploaded to youtube channel when professionals are talking about different subjects) and stumblon upon these two videos:

TEDxConcordia - Yan Ohayon - The Impact of Algorithmic Trading - YouTube

TEDxNewWallStreet - Sean Gourley - High frequency trading and the new algorithmic ecosystem - YouTube

and I got a little bit worried. Numbers are not just concerning but shocking - 2/3 trades in the entire world are done by algorithms. There are thousands of traders but none of us are as fast as systematic machines of massive dealers. My question is how do we compete against it? Can we still win or we're just small fishes in a big pool?
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