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Most systems for this purpose dont seem much good, but I have been speaking to this guy who has created a system for predicted up/down movements in the nasdaq 100. He trades maybe 5-7 times a month and his system historically gives over 70% accuracy - over 3 years his system shows average gains of 40% a month.

Okay, im a sceptical guy. But was pretty surprized by his accuracy. I received a signal today and he gave a time and a direction. Almost within the minute of his estimate the move happened.

Hmm! I almost sound like Im marketing this, anyway, I guess you want to know how much he charges for his information.

His charge??

nothing, he doesnt charge anything.

Why nothing - I guess when he can make 5k a trade for himself, he doesnt need to charge.

Anyone else come across systems like this and long term how successful have they been?

Im going to follow it for a month and I will keep you informed of my success.
there is a whole business in sending out trading signals to people - but splitting the people 50/50 and sending one half the long signal and the other half the short signal - you mentioned time -but it is always pretty obvious when a market is about to break - just not so easy to know which way

then the issuer of the signal just continues issuing signals to the people who have been getting the good ones and in the end, he ends up with a core of people who would do anything to get these winning signals and guess what - having been hooked - they are reeled in for as much bucks as can be screwed out of them
It will be pretty obvious if this what he is doing because he publishes all past signals on his site.
Checked his site and the signals are published as he gave out - Including the loses he has incurred this month. It will be interesting to see if there are any discrepancies later this month.
if he has just one site and only updates one site - i guess he genuinly feels he has an edge and wants to see if it is sustainable and is using the process of offering information as a way to make his analysis more focused

but trading is just about moving the odds in your favour, so a few seconds delay in posting a trade could give the edge to create a seemingly positive P&L
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