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Lets begin with an introduction. I am a Hurst Trader, I will attempt to give the forum a few angles to look at commodities that I have been following in my portfolio. I think the best way to trade some commodities, obviously already known, is by looking at inverted analyses. I dont think Crude should be inverted as it trades with great cyclicality. More on that when we look at Gold/Silver.

So I figure Id start there with my post from today. :idea:

Crude Oil Futures cycles Outlook for March 2013- The Dominant Cycle at Work

Crude Oil Futures cycles Outlook for March 2013- The Dominant Cycle at Work
Crude is undergoing a rapid move into the 18 month trough expected this month. This may also be the trough of the 54 month cycle. At times like these its best to remember what Hurst said regarding major troughs. First, they tend to be hard to trade out of long. Second, the larger waves push down vigorously at the end of the longer cycles. When the move happens, its bound to be swift.

Watch the Video, The rest is on my blog.

Crude Oil Futures cycles Outlook for March 2013- The Dominant Cycle at Work - YouTube


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Silver Hurst Cycles for March

Silver is in a move up.
After further study, Silver has shown me that if you want to catch the hardest waves LONG in Silver, you have to reenter at the 20 Day FLD on the 2nd Entry. Look at the chart.

Also the hardest waves down are the breaks of the 80 Day FLD on the inverted analysis. This is very useful info.

The Orange lines is the 40 Day FLD and since the 20 and 40 Day are cascading so close, we will expect another long entry to give some profits. Long Silver.

Also, there is some useful information from the chart. The 80 Day FLD, as a short entry, is an amazing action signal in Silver. Look how price respects the Teal Line to the downside.
Very interesting.


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If it can be useful to someone, here you can download the formula for Metastock of Hurst Cycle (you can easily change the periods, amplitude of the waves, etc,...):

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