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Hi everyone,

Forgive me if this question has allready been asked, but what is this new 'Reputation' thing on members profile. "xx is on a distinguished road"

Thank you very much,



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At a guess it's the revamped version of the old red/green bar thingy, coupled to a simple vote counter that allows site mod types to allocate 'ranks' to users... one site I run for school pupils dubs them suitably silly titles like 'Galactic Hamster Third Class' for example.
Not into voting myself, I turned my red/green one off when I found out how - I generally find out quite directly if somebody dislikes me!
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If you check at the bottom of each user name you will see a little √ and X where you can add or detract from a users reputation. This is used to rate the specific post and will affect the "Reputation" of the T2W user, it does not affect the yellow star rating system.



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Paul is right, the two systems are separate. I'll post some more information soon about how it works (once I've refreshed my memory!), but essentially it's a more sophisticated version of the existing rating system.
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