Reminiscences of a Wallstreet1928 Subscriber

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Feb 27, 2011
Thanks for the interest. I've been receiving texts and e-mails all week from WS and am gathering this information to present in the best way possible. I shall be posting my results over the weekend.
Mr Squirrel seems to have departed after this correspondence between himself and WallStreet1928

Sorry WS, but I'm going to have to stop you there. I questioned this very point with you via e-mail on another trade the other day. I asked "Do you hold out for a higher entry point within the 5340 and 5360 range, or are you just short from 5340? Sorry for the noobie questions. : )"

Your reply is at odds to what you have just said. Your reply was:

"What I give is a zone for everyone to enter a short with me

I then target that zone to average into a short ......I usually short 4-5 contracts on CFD's so I enter initially and then average in depending on the market volatility etc

regardless of average my stop loss always remains the same = important point

I always average in and average out as nobody is able to catch tops and bottoms but we can get a good average of it "

I take that to mean that regardless of entry point, the stop loss on your live calls via e-mail/text message is the stop loss for that trade and it does not change.

Sorry to press this issue, but I do not believe these statements are compatible with each other. Your critics will see this as you moving your stop to make your trade work in hindsight.

I remain confused. :S

As a paying subscriber, I am extremely disappointed that the only reason I am aware of a "typo" in one of your live calls is by reading a public thread on Trade2Win. Since this error turned a potentially positive trade into a losing trade, do you not agree that you should have told your paying subscribers? Failure to do so only fuels your critics who will inevitably ask "was it a typo or is he just saying that to save face?"

If you remember, I stuck my neck on the line and stood up to your critics. Please do not let me or any of your other subscribers down by proving them right. In my opinion, the simplest way of doing this is by being 100% honest, open and transparent.

For my own personal benefit and that of others, I have decided to keep a Trading Journal on T2W from when I joined your subscription service last Thursday. Please understand that it is of mutual benefit for this to be an honest and objective reflection of your subscriber service. I truly hope that it can reflect the pip-positive results that you have stated and give me reason to subscribe to your service month after month.

I look forward to tomorrow's trades.

Kindest regards,

Good news! Subscribers weren't stopped out, as they didn't know anything about the trade. Adde of done, I believe they would have broken even.
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