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I have been hearing and seeing a lot of the REFINED ELLIOTT TRADER lately. It's from They're giving the software away for free, but that's how they hook you into their Elliottician Certification course for $1495 USD.

Does anyone have any experience with this software/company? Anyone taken their Elliottician Certification Course? Is it worth the $1495USD they're charging for it?

I appreciate any input.



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I’d love to think that Elliott Wave Analysis works in real time (because getting the count right on finished charts is pretty easy) and so I downloaded a copy of the Refined Elliott Wave Trader. It looked like a neat piece of software, so I mentioned it to a friend who pointed me to the following link:

It would appear that Mr Swannell who is behind RET, has been a naughty boy in another similar business and has incurred the wrath of The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Not to mention a $10,000 fine. Something about misleading or unsubstantiated claims.

Now I am not saying do not buy into the RET certification programme, Afterall, I have not heard Richard Swannell’s side of the story. However, before I parted with any serious money to this individual or his company(s), I would want to ask some serious questions and see some convincing independent documentary evidence of system performance.

I wonder if he reads t2w forums and would oblige with his comments and evidence?

On a more positive note, for those traders looking for insight from Elliott Wave Analysis, I think a look at Ryan Henry’s work is worthwhile:

About a year ago I bought a one-month subscription to the Wavespeak intraday commentary on the major Financial Indices and I recon that this service is about as good as Elliott Wave Analysis gets. But…

Whether Elliott can really be used prospectively as a means of forecasting market movement, for my money… the jury is still out.


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I downloaded the free RET. The programme looks good and it did forecast the recent downturn. Today its forecast on the Dow became 11335 - 10450 to arrive between 24/12/04 and 28/3/05. Be interesting to follow to see if it's right. I haven't opted for the course at $1450. Seems straightforward enough.
R. Swannel claims to be supporting some underprivaledged folks in India ??


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Hi Trend trader,

did you do the elliottician course?

I am interested to know if you did and what it was like, especially the software?

many thanks



QUOTE=trendtrader2004]I have been hearing and seeing a lot of the REFINED ELLIOTT TRADER lately. It's from They're giving the software away for free, but that's how they hook you into their Elliottician Certification course for $1495 USD.

Does anyone have any experience with this software/company? Anyone taken their Elliottician Certification Course? Is it worth the $1495USD they're charging for it?

I appreciate any input.



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I think that there's a few things you should know about the Refined Elliott Trader, and it's creator Richard Swannell:

Richard Swannell is a convicted fraud!
The CFTC (Commodities and Futures Trading Commission are
prosecuting Richard Swannell in a court of law because he keeps making
dishonest claims)

Richard Swannell has been successfully prosecuted by the Australian Securities
and Investments Commission for distributing his software without a license
Richard Swannell signed an undertaking that he would not continue to promote his software without a license yet he continues to do so through Elliottician LLC

If you taught an Indian orphan how to take on and beat the finest finance minds in the world and win consistently, wouldn't the media beat a path to your door and give you all the free publicity you would ever need? This thought never crossed the mind of Richard Swannell. In his unquenchable lust for money and power, he has decided to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund his "Orphans Winning on Wall Street" Documentary." Why does he have to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for a documentary when Sixty Minutes would run a story providing millions of dollars worth of valuable free publicity when he accomplishes the feat? It looks to me that he is raising the money to in a tax free manner to fund his own lavish lifestyle under the pretence of "doing good" in the community.

This reminds of the many fraud evangeical preachers such as the Bakkers of the 80s. Look what happened to them! They got everyone high on Jesus while they picked their pockets in a tax free manner and lived extravagant un-christian lifestyles off the proceeds.

Fact: The 85% forecasting phenomenon is a lie!
A man develops a software package that after many years of research, provides no better forecasting accuracy than blind monkeys
throwing darts.......He can't sell it because he isn't licensed to do so. Instead, he wraps it in mystique and makes out that it is super
accurate. Because he can't sell it he makes it so that access is only granted once you have completed his expensive Certification course.
But what is the value of a course that is created by a man who can't trade? The course is hocus-pocus mumbo-jumbo
wrapped up in a lot of feel good factor mask the fact that there is little real substance to it. To make matters worse, some of it is
even plagiarised! Check out Module 39 and for an example
of his blatant plagiarism.
The first few modules on the structure of Elliott Waves can be found for free with a fairly basic search of the Internet, yet Rich
charges thousands for the privilege!

How do you set yourself apart in the trading education industry when:
a: you don't know how to trade, and
b: the software you sell is bugged, hopelessly inaccurate and has wasted many years of your life
and a small fortune to develop

You could;
a. start over in another industry and put your skills to some good use; or
b. Rely on the masses of suckers out there that think a software package that is only $3000
is so sophisticated you'll be able to pick winner after winner in only 10 minutes a day

Fact: The track record is not Rich's!
Visit the track record page at and view the videos and you'll notice one thing, none of the calls are Rich's!
Listen and watch, the person making the call is not Rich yet Rich takes all the credit and claims it as his track record.

Fact: Rich associates with other frauds convicted by the CFTC - Stephen Pierce

If you visit old versions of Rich's through you'll notice that Rich did many cross promotions with this fellow convicted fraud.
Like attracts like or so it seems with the likes of Richard Swannell and Stephen Pierce

Dear Pierpont,

Firstly, i'd like to say that i'm an avid reader of your column and
regularly enjoy the often hilarious exposés of the life and times of the
crooks that masquerade as market professionals. I have also noted that you
take a special shine to marketeers masquerading as supertraders offering
their holy grail systems for a pretty penny. And so I bring you to the
attention of one Mr Richard Swannell, aka ‘Mr Tsunami’ or ‘Rich.’

In January this year, dear old Rich and his wife Mandy made several
appearances in the papers, including The West Australian, a few women's
magazines and on the TV news (Channel 10 Perth appearance here with their appeal for
money for Indian orphans of the tsunami. They gained a large degree of press
coverage which swelled the coffers of their personal charities
( and Now this is all a good
thing and I’m glad to see so much money raised so quickly and going towards
such a good cause. It’s good to see Rich turning over a new leaf since
losing his legal battles with both ASIC and the Commodities and Futures
Trading Commission (CFTC) of the US.

Do a quick search of Google for Rich Swannell and you’ll find heaps of
articles on his whizbang Elliott Wave trading software and education which
he flogs through .However, if you do a search under his
full name of Richard Swannell you come up with all sorts of murky legal
actions against him by the CFTC and ASIC. The CFTC ruling can be found
here and the
ASIC ruling here
Clever, no need to change names here, switching to nicknames should shake them off his tail for a while.

If only I knew this before I signed up for his whizbang, “you’ll be a
millionaire before breakfast” trading courses. I had the misfortune of
being suckered in by the over-hyped claims he made for his trading software
and education that he flogs through

Unfortunately, I believed his guarantee that if I didn’t achieve a market
forecasting accuracy of 85% or greater upon graduation from his Elliottician
Certification Course I would get my US$3000 returned. Believing the hype
that his software which was then known as the Elliott Wave Analyzer and
now known as the Refined Elliott Trader – “The Most Accurate Forecasting
Software in the World” or so the claim goes at (he no
longer uses International Trading Systems or Elliott Wave Research since
they were named in the ASIC and CFTC rulings) I signed up for the course.

It started off promisingly, the first few modules spoke of how Rich wants to
change the world by sharing his whizbang technology with as many people
as possible so that they too can create vast trading fortunes and donate to his
orphanage. If he wants to share it so badly, why doesn’t he just give it
away? Wouldn’t he be able to help more Indian orphans by selling his
$200,000 Bentley and choosing not to live in that 5 bedroom mansion at the
top of the hill on Ullapool Road in Mt Pleasant? I also found it rather
unusual that in almost all the modules in the course Rich was able to
forecast the market so accurately when all I got out of the software was a
bunch of conflicting yet equally valid forecasts. The software is so flaky
it even predicted that the NASDAQ should’ve been back at 5000 in January!
Using Rich’s ground breaking methodology which I call “wingin’ it” you can
just about make any ludicrous forecast sound plausible. Rich’s software is
so bug ridden and vague and his analysis methods so subjective, he should
be given an Oscar for trying to keep a straight face while trying to make out
that it actually worked with any degree of accuracy whatsoever.

What’s even worse is that I discovered that he had completely plagiarised
another website for module 39 - Using Candlesticks. That’s right, he took
something available for no charge on the net, stuck it in his course and
charged a motza for it! You can find the original material here
Rich has used exactly the same images and has just slightly reworded
another person’s work, (Rich neglected to remove designations 3a and 3b when 1 and
2 strangely never made an appearance in Rich’s version of the material) This
guy has a lot of gall.

Rich’s website claims that the Refined Elliott Trader is “The Silver Bullet
Trading Software.” It’s more like a rusted pellet gun with a bent barrel and
jammed chamber being used by a blind man with no arms!

Back to the 85% forecasting accuracy. After the disappointment that the
education wasn’t up to scratch, I had the satisfaction of knowing that if I
didn’t pass the test by scoring a forecasting accuracy rate of at least 85%
I could claim a refund. The test consists of 14 case studies (modules 42-55)
of commonly traded American stocks such as Microsoft and markets such as
the S&P 500. To ensure that no hapless student pulls out of the course and
demands a refund before attempting the test Rich doesn’t even tell them it’s
started! That’s right, from module 42-55 you are taking a test and Rich
doesn’t even say “this is the assessable part of the course.” You just start
doing the case studies, believing they’re some practice rounds before the
final exam and only when you reach the end and graduate do you realise that
it’s all over and now you can forecast markets like never before.

The case studies involved loading up a file into the software, performing an
analysis then picking one of up to three multiple choice answers with
selections as vague as “this market can’t be forecasted” ”this market will
move higher in the next 12 months” or “this market will move lower in the
next twelve months.” With answers so vague and simple a monkey would be
able to eventually click his way through to the right answer and lose his right
to a refund. Rich knows this, that’s why if someone accidentally or
intentionally doesn’t correctly select (guess) at least 85% of the answers
then he just cycles them back through the VERY SAME 14 case studies.
Eventually, they’re going to have to guess correctly through a process of

And I was a lucky one, at least I didn’t have to wait months after my money
had been snatched by Rich to complete the bloody course. After speaking
with many other Elliottician clients I discovered that Rich had been selling the
course when it hadn’t even been completed. This would’ve been fine if he
had alerted the poor buggers beforehand!! When one came to the completed
section of the course they would get a little pre-recorded message from Rich
assuring them that his team were busily preparing the next module which
should be due within a week. This rarely proved to be the case with waits of
sometimes up to a whole month before the next module was released. The
entire 60 module course took ten months to roll out. It could’ve taken ten
years for all I care because the content is worthless! I later discovered
that he repeated this practice with his Advanced Certification Course which
remains incomplete, some 7 months after suckers stumped up the cash for it!

At the moment, besides touting his US $5000 Fast Track to Wealth seminar in
LA to be held later this month, Rich has been rattling the tin for his
“Orphans Winning on Wall Street” documentary. Orphans Winning on Wall
Street > is the improbable tale of how Rich is taking a bunch of donated notebooks to
an orphanage in India to teach them how to outwit and outmatch some of the
finest minds in the world in the trading arena from an impoverished remote
rural orphanage in third world India. Never mind the fact that Rich can’t
trade and freely admits he lost his life’s savings trading. It was also a
little disconcerting to discover a few donated laptops pressed into action
by staff in the Elliottician offices. Why hasn’t Rich sent them over to the
orphanage seeing as he received them in March of last year? Don’t the
orphans need them more than Rich’s sales team (phones manned 24 hours,
working day).

I believe he’s lobbying the tax office for concessions for this documentary
which Rich claims is going to rival Super Size Me and Farenheit 911 in box
office takings and appeal. I guess Rich feels that footage of some poor
orphan dicking around with a chart in front of him will greatly boost his
tin rattling efforts. Never mind the fact that the kid probably understands
more about trading than Rich.

I found it rather comical to discover that Elliottician’s CEO, Gerard
Wakefield has never traded and knows nothing of Elliott Waves, technical
analysis, ASX rulings or even the trading hours of the ASX. This is rather
unusual seeing as Elliottician are a trading education firm. What’s even
more unusual is that when Gerard was quizzed by a seminar participant as to
what sort of markets the Refined Elliott Trader can dart throw on he
nervously replied with a “we aren’t authorized to give financial advice.”
With a guy like Gerard on board, I find it increasingly difficult to believe
their claims of “forget returns of 12%, how about returns of 193%?” and
guaranteed forecasting accuracy rates of 85% or greater.

This has to be the oldest trick in the book. Elliottician claims its address
to be 1 West Street, New York, NY 10004, USA. but this is just a forwarding
address. They're really located where all the big players really belong, not
on Wall Street but at the Riseley Corporate Centre in front of Garden
City Shopping Centre, Booragoon. Good thing for Rich too as he's a fan of
the flashy shirts usually worn by teenagers that you can only get at Live
Clothing in the centre.

But don’t let the CFTC or ASIC get in the way of Rich Swannell. Nosiree,
he’ll just start operating under another new business name and change his
name around again, what will his lates incarnation be – Dick Swannell?

If you need to arrest him or want to experience his outlandish claims
fraudulent stage show in person Rich or Richard Swannell (it depends
asking) will be visiting LA soon. See the attached PDF document which is
promo for his forthcoming LA seminar "Fast Track to Wealth" (26-28th of

Rich claims that after taking this seminar you will be able to "quit
job" and "work 1 hour per week." This is right there in the document,
for yourself! These claims are fraudulent and he should have the full
of the law brought against him!

Also, I am seriously concerned about the manner in which he is promoting

this seminar. He 'invites' members of the public to join his
Program.' The purpose of this program is to teach orphans how to trade
his Hebron Orphanage in India. This would be a noble program but for the

fact that you must attend his $5000 Fast Track to Wealth Seminar to be
considered for admittance to the program. The invitation to become a
is in video here This
went out in an email with the subject heading "The most important
message I
have ever sent you" which went out to his database of roughly 100,000.

I highly recommend you put this con man out of business before he hurts
more people.

Also, I fear that Rich uses his and as fronts to funnel money overseas. A thorough
analysis of the money trail would quickly discover that he has
misappropriated funds meant for the orphanage.

I find it highly unusual that a man who claims to give so much to his
sponsored orphanage drives a $200,000 Bentley and lives in a giant
mansion that must be worth at least $2 million.

I also find it highly unusual that a man who has almost no trading
track record and who is a self-admitted "hopeless trader" is claiming that
his software and education is so valuable and effective. If his technology
and methodology is so good, why isn't he trading it? A quick analysis of
his trading history and contract notes would demonstrate that Rich is not
the trading guru he claims to be.

I strongly urge you to take this matter up with this con man before
more people are ripped off and hurt by Rich or Richard Swannell and
It has come to my further attention that what was billed as Rich's latest
and greatest product for 2004 - the Inner Circle has become a complete and
total fizzer for the poor sods separated from their US$3000 for the
privilege. The Inner Ciricle was supposed to be a 'brain master trust' of
the finest Elliottician Certification Course graduates where they could get
together and bounce ideas of one another. Inner Circle members also had a
direct line to the Elliott Wave master - Rich Swannell himself. The concept
was fine except for the fact that the only sort of traders who were sucked
in by the hype surrounding the course, software and Rich were complete
dunderheads who couldn't tell the difference between an egg or a tomato, let
alone an Impulse or a Flat Elliott Wave!

Poor things, after feeling a little let down by the disappointment of the
much hyped course they must've felt there was no where else to turn except
back into the arms of each other. Rich even found a way to charge them three

grand more for the privilege! The Inner Circle started off badly, because
none of the members knew anything, they had nothing to say. This threw a
spanner in Rich's plans because he had hoped that they would know a thing or

two and he wouldn't have to step in and do any of the dirty work and give
any real advice himself. It was like a ghost train at a County Fair, it
looked promising on the outside but once through the doors and $3000 poorer
you couldn't help but feel robbed!

No-one was posting, no-one had anything to contribute and Rich was always
"at the orphanage" and couldn't be contacted. You'd think the Inner Circle
members would ask for a refund, well they would've if Rich hadn't included a

"no refunds until you've served out your first year term" clause in the fine

print. Nearly all members missed this one which bought Rich some valuable
time. After six months of futility with little to no contribution from any
of the members and what little contribution there was mostly consisted of
posts such as "how do I post an image in this damned thing", "this forum
sucks, I want my money back" or the popular "where is Rich, I want you to
hold my hand" Rich called it a day. You'd think he'd give the money back but

nosiree, you can't give back what you've already spent so Rich created a new

and improved version that was quite a master stroke. You see, any old laymen

can visit his website and sign up for Today's Elliottician Calls, Rich's
regular video market calls. This is a free service. What Rich decided to do
was offer up a jazzed up version of these calls (he waffles on for two
minutes longer) and still charge three grand for the privilege! Inner Circle

members supposedly get priority listing in the email queue which means that
they'll get an answer in two weeks instead of the regular four it takes to
get any answers from the man. Too bad if you want to seriously trade the
markets in the short term using Rich's so-called expert advice.

To gain access to Rich's online Elliottician Certifiication and Advanced
courses visit the site and login. The username to use is
xxxx and the password is xxxxx. You may wish to examine the vagueness of
modules 42-55 for yourself or laugh at the hopelessness of the dart throws
of this software. You can download the Refined Elliott Trader from the front

page of the site for free though don't bother. The registration process will

frustrate you to tears and once Rich has your email address expect it to be
bombarded with promises of ludicrous returns in 5 minutes a day on an almost

daily basis for the rest of your life!

See those oblong target areas, isn't it rather odd that they forecast the
S&P 500 to be anywhere from 0 to 1500 in the next 3 years or so! A drunk
blind man can throw darts just as well!

I'd also like to bring to your attention an incredibly useful research tool
called The Wayback Machine ( This site allows you to

look up forgotten old versions of websites such as and
other gems named in CFTC and ASIC rulings against Rich such as, and I've taken a special shine to one of Rich's
forgotten babies known as The Collective. Forget claims of 85% forecasting
accuracy, The Collective was "guaranteed to double your investment capital
every year in just 5 minutes a day."

I have attached a flyer for Rich's Fast Track to Wealth seminar to be held
in LA later this month. When I first viewed the promotional video for this
seminar I nearly puked. This seminar has been delayed in one form or another

for the last eight months or so not that that stopped Rich from taking
"advance booking sales" without offering a refund. Rich has decided to go
ahead and pull together three days with himself, the software, some
motivational speaker no-one's ever heard of and a trader that's such a
trading authority that he can only be known as "Mr .X". It makes me wonder,
will Mr. X be appearing with a mask on so no-one discovers his real
identity. 'Fast Track to Wealth' should be renamed 'Fast Track to Farce or
the Poor House' by the looks of things. I'm sure Rich'll be making Fast
Tracks with any Fast Bucks he takes outta this one!

His approach to marketing this dog appalling. Instead of getting on camera

and saying "this is a seminar and here are the details" he has gone for the
classical Oscar nominee approach and made out that he wants you to join his
"partnership" and that after you gain the appropriate qualifications (cue
five grand seminar promo) you will join him in making world history by
personally flying with Rich to India to teach the orphans how to trade. You
even get to feature in the documentary and be a big movie star just like
he's going to become once the word gets out!

You can puke your guts up to Rich's teary appeal for more dollars here

Now that Rich has spent the advance booking sales he has to go ahead. The
seminar was originally scheduled for late October but this was put off due
to Rich falling ill. Apparently, Rich's doctor advised him that he wouldn't

be able to travel for quite some time. That didn't stop brave Rich flying to

Brisbane to meet marketing guru Jay Abraham in October, a wealthy
philanthropist client in Melbourne or taking numerous trips to the orphanage

in India in the meantime, christian soldier that he is.

Rich often waxes lyrical about how he once built up a multi-level marketing
organisation to roughly 300 members. He claims that it failed because
"people aren't interested in the truth." Now he's overcompensating with
outrageous claims such as Subject: Forget 5%, 12%, or even 50%. How about an average 193% return?

Have you been ripped off by Richard Swannell?
If you have been ripped off by this man than I encourage you to contact the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission
(CFTC) and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
of the United States and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission
Richard Swannell signed an undertaking with ASIC that he wouldn't continue to promote his software yet he continues to do so.

The CFTC is currently building a case against Mr Swannell so your evidence will be appreciated.
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To Tonyspry and all contributors to this thread.

I felt I couldn't read Tony's extensive reply without some kind of comment. I have been working on several systems of my own over the past months (or is it years now?) and have settled on the idea that the only way to effectively back test them it to use a statistical approach broadly based on Tim Wrefords article in the Knowledge Lab 'Developing a Trading Strategy'.
To cut a long story short I have ended up with several strategies which seem to work longish term, i.e. weeks/months rather than days or even intraday. These are now being forward tested [which may take some time].
I was therefore looking for another approach which would perhaps work in the short term [I no longer subscribe to the idea that all indicators/systems work in all timeframes]. Because of this I was wondering if Elliott Wave was worthy of further investigation. I found the link to Rich's Elliottician web page [ I'm pretty sure it came from a T2W banner, which is slightly worrying] which seemed to offer exactly what I was looking for. He seems to use a statistical approach, I like that, and the software appears to pick out the waves obviating the need for interpretation.
What a disappointment to find that it is 'too good to be true'..... but aren't they all...

The contributors to T2W have a long history of debunking frauds [remember Chinese Numbers?] and once again thanks to Tony and I'm sorry you had to find out the hard way.

Back to the drawing board :( for Bill. Still haven't given up on Mr. Elliott but I've now got a lot of reading to do.

Bill :)


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You didn't think much of Mr Swannell's course then?

Perhaps you should try a 1-2-1 with one or more of the master traders on this site.


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Phew! T2W saves me again...from a big big mistake! Thanks for the above comments......i am now NOT considering the RET offer!

Has anyone heard of the Trend signal software?


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bakula said:
Has anyone heard of the Trend signal software?
You will find a long thread on this site - just use search!

Trend Signal was much hyped / ramped in that thread. No mention here for months now. Nobody has reported becoming the richest person on the planet.

As usual, treat with caution. At the time the thread was in full swing TS were only going to sell a very limited number of "seats" globally - buy now or lose the opportunity. Either nobody has bought it or there has been a change of policy.

Looking at web archives is a good way of following the past progress of grail salesmen. Try this Oops - all the Dow & Dax seats have been sold - Damn!!!
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hi every body
it the first time i am using this website, as i wanted advices regard a software i wana buy called Star trade by MCI technology ,they claim that it worth every penny of it, if any one has used it in the past or any recomendation, it would be appreciated,


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your system and elliottician...

I have spent over 6000 hours deriving my system and it is right on about 85-90% of the time and a win is 50% net profit per transaction. I was looking at Elliotician as a means to ferret out the proper direction of the coming move... using version allowed using your own files derived from YAHOO>financial... I found that his direction was really good...IF... the rating was 100+ and in the same direction as I was expecting... at that time my directional was only right about 70-75% of the time.... I really worked at it for about 2 mos 8hrs / day 6-7 days /week.

I figured out that his wave thing that verified the findings was very close to a short period fast stochastic...I incorporated that into my system and now have improved my results... I have just today gotten a copy of that software, but it must be loaded onto a computer void of elliottician will not load on mine as I stupidly loaded the updated version...they didnt want you to use for free....It must write to some file somewhere...

Anyway, I found it easy to use and didnt do all the thought process...the only critical thing I found is you get different results if you set the time horizons different! This may be what sends people off the deep end...It did me.... BUT, I found using the Peak or valley > and closest to 6months worked the best...and easily definable....I like mechanical systems!

I never paid for any of his stuff, but would love a copy if available, FREE and unrestricted.

Thanks, BillyBobJoe
Star ?! from which website?

by the way, is there anybody use Investor Dream before? I'm thinking to purchase their software, please give some advice!


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Guys, I have used their software and training system. I would strongly recommend that u not buy it. i dont know if its good or not, because i needed some help to get started. they have never really responded well to my concerns.


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Elliott User

I got a copy of Elliott Wave when the company was out of Australia. I did not take the course but I was systematic about testing and tweaking it. Considered it a big experiment. Did decide there was something more than random to it and went to the EWA3 version. I have used it for a long time. I had to get a more powerful computer to run it adequately. I use the scan to look for prospects. From that start I do other checks and will often but not always buy something based partly on a more full EWA3 analysis plus the Elliott Map and Combined Elliott Map. I found a person with the RET version that is not a satisfied customer and pointed out the legal problems of the founder of the company.

The free version only operates on smaple data so it is a bit difficult to evaluate it that way. I found that I needed to tighten and widen some of the settings away from 'factory' to make it work for me. For instance I set swing points in the range of 10 - 50 while setting the minimum rating to 78. I did a lot of small experiments and over months decided the settings I now use are about the best. I was always wondering if the new version was worth the cost. It does not have a scanner in it in the sample I played with. I also now get 2 years of data if it is available for a symbol rather than the 500 points or 1 year which seems to be a more standard approach. Since I did not take the course all my observations are probalby taken with some salt.


botelho64 said:
Hi Trend trader,

did you do the elliottician course?

I am interested to know if you did and what it was like, especially the software?

many thanks



QUOTE=trendtrader2004]I have been hearing and seeing a lot of the REFINED ELLIOTT TRADER lately. It's from They're giving the software away for free, but that's how they hook you into their Elliottician Certification course for $1495 USD.

Does anyone have any experience with this software/company? Anyone taken their Elliottician Certification Course? Is it worth the $1495USD they're charging for it?

I appreciate any input.