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As a novice looking to trade can anyone recommend any reasonably priced books or courses that can give me the right start.
I was thinking of trading options and spread betting.(Is this the right way to start?)
Here is a money saving tip. Read the threads on this website for free. You will find most of what books can give you already distilled on this site. Particularly naz, chartman and bonsai are good starts.
If that fails Piper: The WAy to Trade" and Tony OZ-"THe Stock Trader"
I think you need one book to get you going and as a reference. Technical Analysis of the financial Markets by JJ Murphy. Nice and easy, mostly relevant, written in simple terms for beginners and next step up. Not expensive either. Get it , read it, then start asking questions here.
Try How to make a £1 million by JonnyT

ISBN 1234987654

On a serious note the Motley Fool once enquired whether I would do a book for them. I said no. I should have been published and damned.

In addition to the book mentioned by ChartMan above, I would recommend "Come Into My Trading Room" by Dr Alexander Elder.

Follow the link on front page.

For Options the following two excellent books currently at a bargain price of £26.29 for both with delivery free from Amazon.

"Options Plain & Simple" by Lenny Jordan

"Options made Easy" by Guy Cohen
Market Speculating, by Andrew Burke, its quite a good book about SB, and options has its own section. Seems OK for beginners. PeeDee.
Here a couple

A beginners guide to Daytrading online & A beginners Guide to Short Term Trading online- Paperbacks about £15 each I think each by Toni Turner get them Global index Bookshop or elswhere - OOPs you can also get them here on Trade2win Bookshop!
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Try your local library-mine had Guy Cohen's book and a few other basic options books.Then go to's free options course. For me the greatest misnomer of all time is 'Technical analysis' IMHO you can use a few useful indicators,and devise your own methodology,so take all that stuff with a pinch of salt.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions. A fair bit of reading there.
What about courses? Are there any genuine ones.
I've read about guys like Stanizone (I think thats his name).
Who's for real and who isn't.

May I suggest that you use the search facility, as Vince Stanzione has been discussed many times, as have virtually all the others. You'll probably be able to deduce the answer for yourself after you've trawled through each of the threads. :D
Wanderer, For a basic SB course you can't go far wrong with
John Bartletts through Click events.

A lot of good books have been mentioned here already. I would like to add one, which I particularly like. George Kleinman "Commodity Futures and Options".

Good luck !