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Salty Gibbon

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I have been accessing a certain website for many years now and this week I suddenly cannot get access to it.

The website operators have assured me that the site is running perfectly and I have verified this by accessing it at my local library.

So the problem seems to be localised in my own computer set-up at home. I have no trouble whatsoever accessing any other websites. This is the only one that I have a problem with.

Any ideas ?


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Have you been adjusting your internet protection and inadvertently blocked access to it ?


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I don't think that would help especially. Are you runing a frewall that lets you block sites. If so look at what sites are blocked. Does the site rely on activex for content visibilty. Is activex enabled in your browser


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I hate computers. Your problem will fix itself in a few days. Ive had the same thing happen to me about 4 times in the past now with different sites. I didn't change a thing and suddenly i couldn't access certain sites, like you. I went to all kinds of computer help forums where even the whizz-kids couldn't find a solution and then about 3 days later it was working all by itself again...


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Get PingPlotter from
It is a freeware visual ping utility that shows the routing, packet-loss and ping times. This will show whether the problem is at the isp, enroute or at the website end. Very useful when your datafeed/brokerage link is broken.


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I was able to access it but it was slow to load and that is with a broadband connection. It may well sort itself out. I presume that you havent changed any of your internet settings recently ?


Salty Gibbon

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Is that what is known as clearing the cache ?

Done that b4 but can't remember why ? Whatever it was for it did solve the problem.


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Could be that some of DNS servers between your ISP and the website you are looking for aren't working. These translate a website name into the actual IP address e.g. and I believe different providers use different DNSs and/or different sites are "found" via different DNSs which might explain the selective admission. I use NTL and very often can't reach one or two sites but if I type in the numberic address they work fine. Could just be a case of waiting for the ISP to sort it out I'm afraid.
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