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Any advice on buying printer/scanners combined please? Not Lexmark, the ink's too expensive. I think a Canon or Epson.
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Go for the HP6110, its quality!
Cheapest at Dabs approx £230 inc vat and delivery.
Thanks but I think that's too much ££. I'm helping a friend set up his first 'puter. Got to keep everything ££ under control :cool:
Thanks CM, that's nearer the ££. Are they basic OK machines? Don't want to lose too much quality for price :cheesy: Also what do you think of the combo units?

just found Epson CX3200 for £86.95 on Dabs
HP psc1205

This baby outperforms its expensive rivals.

Approx £90 from Comet, Simply and Amazon.

Rave reviews.
Looks a good 'un. I'll let my friend decide but having been ripped off on ink with Lexmark, I note that Epson ink is cheaper :cheesy:
Thanks for help.
You can get Epson "compatible inks for around 1/3 rd the price of genuines. Probems? Yes, they will clog if not used regularly- once or twice a week at least. The colurs are not as vibrant as genuine Epsons- not a good choice if you want faithful photgraphic quality reproduction. Otherwise perfectly good.Here's a tip- IF you use compatible cartridges, don't tell Epson service if something goes wrong under warranty- just put back the originals otherwise they will say you have invalidated the warranty- read the small print!