posts too wide to see!


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Nice site set up except some of the posts are too wide to see without scrolling back and forth, perhaps the problem lies with long URLs and inserted charts? the entire thread seems to be affected in each case.

Is there an easy way of correcting this (on your side or mine) without altering the screen resolution, which is optimum for most sites and most messages on this site.
It's been discussed before, and all new posts should have width restrictions applied to make for easy reading. Old posts cannot be hacked to fit. :(
Hi cassiopeia,

The problem lies with posting large charts. If it's too big then it stretches the whole page, and if it's a long thread then it's a real nuisance. But the alternative which is to restrict the width of posted images makes it more difficult for people to attach, because they then need to crop the image, and if they try resizing it, it often gets distorted beyond recognition. One solution would be to make every image posted a link that opens it in a pop-up window, but the general consensus seems to be people like to see the charts in the actual posts.